Mysterious Truth Behind The Eternal Flames of Jwala Ji Temple

The Mysterious Truth Behind The Eternal Flames of Jwala Ji Temple
The Mysterious Truth Behind The Eternal Flames of Jwala Ji Temple

What is the reason behind the vibrations chanting the mantra Aum?” Aum – A rhythm as powerful an earthquake has the power to echo through our lives in a form that is similar to the rise of ‘Phoenix from the Ashes’. Some Spiritualities cannot be researched.Science and Religion are two rails cannot join together.

“Jawala Ji” is the name of Hindu Goddess in Hinduism. She is said to reside as an eternal flame since time infinity near a place called Kangra in Lower Himalayas, India.The mystical and astonishing fact about this flame is that it is burning since time immemorial.

Research Said…

Despite many scientific types of research, the reason behind these natural flames couldn’t be found out. The scientists say there is a sleeping volcano under Jwala Ji temple and the natural gas coming out of that volcano is burning as flames, which Hindus revere as Goddess.

The holi flame
The holi flame

During the 70s a foreign company was appointed by Government of India to explore possibilities of big reservoirs of natural gas there. They worked for some years but left saying they could not find any gas.

Mythological History of Jwala Devi’s eternal flame

The legend of the Jwala Ji Temple relates to Sati -granddaughter of Lord Brahma and wife of Lord Shiva. It is here that Sati’s tongue fell which can now be seen in the form of the flame.

According to legends, Sati immolated herself after her father insulted Lord Shiva. In his rage at losing his wife, angry Shiva performed the fearsome and awe-inspiring Tandava dance with Sati’s charred body on his shoulders. During this dance, Sati’s body came apart and the pieces fell at different places on earth.

The temple
The temple

According to another version, Shiva placed Sati’s body on his shoulder and ran about the world, crazed with grief. The Gods called upon the God Vishnu to restore Shiva to normalcy and calm. Vishnu used his Sudarshana Chakra (a spinning, disk-like weapon) to dismember Sati’s lifeless body, following which Shiva regained his equanimity.

Both versions state that Sati’s body was thus dismembered into 51 pieces which fell on earth at various places. These places came to known as Shakti Peeths. Sati’s tongue fell at the place where Jwala Ji temple is located and the goddess is manifest as the tiny flame that burns flawless blue through fissures in the age-old rock.



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