Mahabharata Fact: Why Arjun was cursed to become a transgender?

Curse in Hindu Mythology

Curses and boons are an important part of Hindu mythological stories. There were some Shraps (Curses) that changed the course of Hindu Mythology. In old times, curses had a deep effect and had a reason. Curses in that times, shaped the future of millions.

Today, we will tell you about a strange curse of Urvashi to the hero of Mahabharata Arjuna that changed his future and turned him into a transgender.

Curse in Hindu Mythology
Curse in Hindu Mythology

Once Arjun went to Ved Vyas and asked him what Pandavas should do to get their kingdom again. Ved Vyas said that he should take knowledge of Divine Arms from Lord Indra, because Kaurava had great warriors like Dronacharya and Bhishma. Considering Muni’s words, Arjuna went to Lord Indra to learn the divine knowlegde.

Urvashi fell in love with Arjuna but he called her mother

Curse in Hindu Mythology
Curse in Hindu Mythology

When Arjuna, visited Amaravati, a party was arranged for his reception where dancers like Urvashi, Tilottama, Rambha and Menaka were invited to perform.

Urvashi went to Arjuna’s bedroom with an intention to present herself to him. She reached Arjuna’s room, but Arjuna did not have any intentions of making love to her. Instead he called her the “mother” of the Kurus. Arjuna, retracted addressing Urvashi as mother. She was related to Puruva (an ancestor of the Pandavas), so, Arjuna looked at her like a mother.

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Arjuna became Brihannala, a transgender

Curse in Hindu Mythology
Curse in Hindu Mythology

When Arjuna addressed Urvashi as his mother, she became annoyed and angry. Urvashi, cursed him that he would become a eunuch who would have to live his life among women, singing and dancing.

On Lord Indra’s request Urvashi reduced her curse to a period of one year. Arjuna became a eunuch and lived with the women in the palace of king Virata, calling herself as Brihannala. He taught singing and dancing to the king’s daughter Uttara. It is believed that Arjuna spent the thirteenth, and the final year of their exile without his man-parts.

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