Over 150 dead and dozens critically injured as fuel tanker explodes on Eid al-fitar eve in Pakistan

PC : CNN.com

On sunday an oil tanker overturned and leaked oil on the day of Eid. Peopple who came to know about the tanker, many rushed with containers to gather oil. Suddenly the wreck exploded as the flames engulfed people burning them alive.

More than 150 people were killed on the spot and dozens of people were taken to hospitals due to critical burns. The people killed included men women and children.

” The scene was so horrendous, saw people engulfed in fireball. There were people charred to deadth, some were only skeletons left,” said an eye witness.

On the scene, there were only charred vehicles, bodies of men and black smoke in the air. Victims were crying for help and some looking for their loved ones.

The fuel truck was travelling from Karachi to Lahore when driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed on highway near Bahawalpur. A loudspeaker on the mosque alerted villagers about the leak of tanker, and all rushed to the spot with containers to collect the oil.


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