2G Spectrum Scam: The Biggest Decision on India’s Biggest Scam

2G Scam
2G Scam

A special CBI court on 21 December 2017 acquitted former telecom minister and DMK leader Mr A. Raja in a case on alleged irregularities in the 2008 allocation of 2G telecom spectrum and licences.

2G Scam
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This scam was the biggest abuse of power in the world after the Watergate scandal. Know everything about 2g scam in this article.

A short recap of 2G scam

PTI Graphics
PTI Graphics

2g Scam was one of the largest scam that tarnished the image of the UPA-2 government. It involved many politicians and officials under charging telephone companies for frequency allocation licenses which was then used to create 2G spectrum subscription.

* The Telecom scam was exposed in 2010 when the national auditor said that in 2007-2008, second generation or 2G licences had been given to telecom operators at throwaway prices without a free and fair bidding process.

2G Scam
2G Scam

* CAG found a gap of ₹1,76, 645 crores between the money collected and the money which was directed to be collected. CAG audit revealed that the licenses were also issued to the ineligible corporations.

* The CAG  said that while issuing licenses, rules and procedures were also bent and around 122 circle-wise licences were issued.

* Raja was arrested in 2011. He was accused of cheating, forgery and conspiracy. The chargesheet also claimed that he misled former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

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Who all in the net?

2G Scam
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  • A Raja
  • Kanimozhi
  • Shahid Balwa
  • Siddharth Behura
  • RK Chandolia

O.P Saini gave the judgement

2G Scam
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Today’s judgement was announced by the special CBI judge OP Saini. The Supreme Court bench comprising Justices GS Singhvi and AK Ganguly asked the Government to set up a special court to deal with the scam. As a result of which, O.P Saini was designated by the Delhi government to undertake the trial of all 2G cases.

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