3 Most failure Schemes Of Modi Government That Is Worth Of Taxpayers Money

3 Most failure Schemes Of Modi Government That Is Worth Of Taxpayers Money
3 Most failure Schemes Of Modi Government That Is Worth Of Taxpayers Money

Modi Government in the span of 3 and half years has declared a variety of schemes. Some have been successful while some have been a complete failure.

Here is the list of 3 schemes that completely failed to achieve its objective

3. Namami Gange Programme

Namami Gange Programme

Namami Gange Programme has always made it the top priority of Modi Government. The Government launched the project and allocated Rs 2,037 crores for this purpose. A department under the Water Resources Ministry, too, set up for the same. The question is, has the government been able to carry forward the project successfully? As per the statement made by the green court while showing pictures of floating dead bodies to the judges, the court affirmed that the project has been a complete failure.

2. Fight Against Black Money And Demonetisation

Fight Against Black Money And Demonetisation

While campaigning for elections in 2014, government promised to fight against black money within 100 days. Although the government did work in this direction, no remarkable changes can be seen in the outcome. The Centre gave a three-month window for compliance but only 644 declarations were made. The bulk of black money within India in areas of higher education, real estate and mining is yet to be unaccounted.

  • Demonetisation has been the word of the last six months since its announcement made on November 8. The government with its announcement aimed to extract all black money, promote digital transactions and bring an end to counterfeiting currency.
  • However, seems like at present the scheme is not as successful as it was thought out to be. The government has already faced criticism for their inability to implement the scheme in an efficient manner.
  • Though digital transaction has increased after the move was taken but even today public in majority prefer transaction in cash over another digital medium. Reports of counterfeiting currency getting caught are getting more and more common by the day. Indeed it was a smart move; however, the implementation of it took the cake away.

1. Smart City Programme

Smart City Programme

The Smart City Project is kick-started with an objective of integrating technology and information to increase the efficiency of services offered in the cities. What we must not forget here is that it is practically impossible to create a smart city in two years. Though BJP government has started the process by shortlisting 20 cities in the first phase, this project appears to be a distant dream at least for now.



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