India’s Top 3 Reliable Digital Payment App!

India's Top 3 Reliable Digital Payment App!

India is going to be digital day by day. With an aim to promote Digital Payments and converting India to a less-cash society, Government of India (GoI) has taken various steps to increase the adoption of e-payments, such as promoting BHIM App for making payments and Bharat QR for universal acceptable infrastructure. The user can make instant bank-to-bank payments and Pay and collect money using Mobile number, Bank a/c and IFSC code, Aadhaar number or Virtual Payment Address (VPA). But user still to be confused that which app is most reliable? Here we are sharing top 3 reliable digital payment app that will sure that, your transition is safe.


  • Launched in 2010, Paytm is the king of mobile wallets. As per, Paytm alone has a user base of more than 20 million. You must have experienced that most of the grocery stores and shops accept payments through Paytm, which goes to show its popularity. It is the mastermind of Mr Vijay Shekhar Sharma and it is the first company to be funded by Alibaba.
  • Using Paytm is quite simple where all you need is to load money and make the payments whenever you are out for shopping. The merchants and shopkeepers are having operational tie-ups with the company. In addition to making e-commerce transactions, you can use Paytm for making bill payments, transferring money, and you can also avail services from merchants hailing from retail, travel, and entertainment industry.

2SBI Pay  App

SBI Pay UPI Mobile App
  • SBI Pay is the standalone UPI app of State Bank of India. The app is secure and easy to use. The user interface of the app is one of the simplest. User experience is also great as transactions can be completed with 3-4 steps only. The icons for almost all main services are placed on its home screen. And other options can be accessed with a single swipe from the left. It has all major UPI services comprising send and request money, balance inquiry and set/change UPI PIN aka MPIN.
  • Unlike BHIM, you can add more than one bank accounts in SBI Pay. You can select the preferred account from added accounts whereby you need not choose bank account every time. However, the app also has some drawbacks. One of them is app’s speed. The loading speed of the app is slower than a turtle. When I was testing the app, it took around 1.5-2 minutes to launch on 4G network. Although the speed improved after the app was launched. Download SBI Pay and enjoy its simplicity, ease and security.


  • The first UPI app on the list of best UPI apps is BHIM UPI app. This app is developed and released by NPCI. It is perhaps the simplest and fastest UPI app available in the play store. The interface of the app is minimal with blue icons and white background.
  • You can access each of its services with just a single click. Also, you can complete a transaction or change your bank account with three to five clicks only. User experience with the app is very good. I haven’t faced any lag or hiccups while making transactions.
  • BHIM UPI app has all the UPI features. These include sending or requesting money, changing or setting UPI PIN, checking the balance and generating QR codes etc. You can send money using VPA, mobile number or QR code of the beneficiary. NPCI has also included IFSC and account number method with the last update.



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