Only 30 out of 100 finish school: Modi government should be serious about this report

dropout rate among schoolchildren in India?
dropout rate among schoolchildren in India?

With its high tribal population, Jharkhand has the highest dropout rate for schoolchildren in India (only 30 out of 100 finish school).

Dropout rates among Adivasis are the highest among all communities.

Of an initial enrolment of 100 students, on an average, only 70 finish school in India. While the number of students in the elementary education level is high (94), many drop out during the secondary level (with 75 left). The graphs depict these rates for various levels.


Only 61 of 100 ST students finish senior secondary school, the lowest among all communities.


There is no gender disparity in dropouts. Boys and girls quit school in equal measure.


In sharp contrast to Jharkhand the States which have the lowest dropout rates are Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and Maharashtra.



The above dropout rate is calculated by subtracting the sum of promotion and repetition rate from 100 in a year. Data for Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are not available. Elementary school refers to Grades 1 to 8; Secondary refers to Grades 9 and 10; and Senior refers to Grades 11 and 12. Data sourced from


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