6 Brutal Murders Committed by a Psycho Killer, Should be Hanged or Not?

Palwal Murders
Palwal Murders

A psycho man in Palwal brutally killed 6 people with rod within a span of two hours. The psycho killer has done all 6 murders in different ways.

Those innocent people who were killed were mostly those people who were either sleeping or were out of their houses. Panic has spread throughout Haryana after the incident. What is more horrifying is that all the murders took place within 100 meters of the Police Station area.

Palwal Murder
Image – Internet

All murders were carried on between 2 and 4 am in different locations of Palwal. According to SHO Ashwani, the killer is a madman who kills in whatever way he comes in.

On the basis of his picture captured by a CCTV camera, police started searching him and arrested him. Now, police is trying to find out why he committed these killings.

Psycho Killer Captured in CCTV Camera
Psycho Killer Captured in CCTV Camera

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Now there is a debate on twitter whether the killer should be given death punishment or not. Twitterati react angrily.

Must be hanged, if guilty- Jagrati Shukla

The killer should not roam freely

Hang him before he kills other people

These kind of people should be hanged brutally- Varshini Chaudhary 

No mercy even if he is psycho

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