6 surprising benefits of Khadi: Clothes for a Cause, for a better India, for better future

Imagine a country using a fabric of cloth to start a freedom movement. Well, Indians made that possible.
Imagine a country using a fabric of cloth to start a freedom movement. Well, Indians made that possible.

Imagine a country using a fabric of cloth to start a freedom movement. Well, Indians made that possible.

The khadi movement that was initiated by Mahatma Gandhi not only promoted rural self-employment and reduced dependency on other countries but was a masterstroke against the British Raj. Even our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, termed khadi not as cloth, but a ‘movement’ which should be taken forward as a campaign. The word ‘khadi’ is the Sanskrit translation for “cotton,” and refers to any handspun cloth. However, over the years, there has been a decline in the number of khadi products available in the market.

The term ‘Khadi’ basically relates to handspun and handwoven cotton fabrics though silk and woollen Khadi products are also manufactured and marketed.

Khadi is being promoted in India by Khadi and Village Industries Commission, Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India.

The Khadi movement in India was initiated by Mahatma Gandhi during the British rule which was aimed at boycotting foreign goods including cloth. During those days it involved using a spinning wheel know as Charkha to spin the yarn from cotton.

The term Khadi beauty products appear to be a misnomer, just a marketing ploy to sell the herbal products.

Clothes for a Cause

Many of the clothing superstores of today use cheap labour in other countries to keep their costs down, but the problem arises when they use children and others who work for a wage that simply isn’t sustainable.  Rather than taking advantage of the less fortunate, at Divine Ray, we offer clothing that is handcrafted by expert crafters in rural India.  When you buy our clothing, you’ll put honest, hardworking people to work.

In addition, because our products are created by hand, the environmental footprint is minimal.  If you’ve gone green in every other area of your life, you should think about being environmentally responsible in your clothing choices, too.

Wearing eco-friendly clothing brands is a great way to create your own unique style and at the same time, support an industry of hardworking crafters rather than corporations who sometimes take advantage of the less fortunate.  What’s your style?  Why not come and check us out at Divine Ray and find out how our clothing brand can make you stand out from the crowd.

So, here are six benefits of khadi that can help us revive the movement:

Comfortable: Khadi is one type of fabric that can be worn in any weather. It’s warm in the winters and cool in the summers. All you have to do is find out comfortable designs that suit you.

Quality: Khadi is a body-friendly fabric which does not cause any allergies or irritations, unlike other synthetic fabrics.

Unique appeal: Khadi dyes and weaves are done by hand. Each khadi product is different and has a very peculiar style and finish. Wearing khadi products makes you stand out in the crowd and gives you a unique appeal.

Maximum air permeation: The loom used in the making of khadi combines the threads in such a way that allows maximum air to permeate, which is very soothing, especially in summers.

Durability: Khadi products are highly durable and long-lasting, thus defining your fashion sense for an extended period of time.

Eco-friendly: The making of khadi is eco-friendly, as it does not rely on any electric unit and manufacturing processes.




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