Incredible 7 Stories Of Doordarshan That are Surely Rare For You

 Incredible 7 Stories Of Doordarshan That Will Surely Rare For You

Doordarshan is the largest channel in the world. Recently Former journalist and author A. Surya Prakash has been appointed as the chairman of the public broadcaster Prasar Bharati for a second term. Prasar Bharati runs Doordarshan and All India Radio.

Prakash, who has been at the helm of Prasar Bharati for three years since 2014, retired earlier in October. In an order by the information and broadcasting ministry (I&B) dated 1 December, Prakash’s reappointment (for a period of a little over two years till February 2020) was approved by a three-member committee headed by the vice-president M. Venkaiah Naidu.

Here we are sharing some incredible facts of Doordarshan…

A. Surya Prakash
A. Surya Prakash
  1. On September 15, 1959, UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization ) gave India 20,000 USD and 180 Philips sets to start India’s largest broadcasting organization, Doordarshan.
  2. Pratima Puri was the first news reader.
  3. DD India is available in 146 countries
  4. DD-1, the largest terrestrial network in the world, covers about 91.2% population and 79% land area of the country.
  5. Doordarshan introduced Shaktimaan, India’s first superhero, to the viewers in 1998.

  6. Indian television witnessed Hum Log, the first soap opera of India, on Doordarshan
  7. Colour television in India was introduced by Doordarshan in 1982, with the live airing of the Independence Day speech by the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi


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