The killer decision of SUPREME COURT that ended in just 3 LINES

The killer decision of SUPREME COURT that ended in just 3 LINES
The killer decision of SUPREME COURT that ended in just 3 LINES

In the recent past, the country has seen a growing sentiment of hatred against minority communities among a few. From lynching over the choice of meat to calling out Muslim actors and politicians, spewing hatred has suddenly been gaining ground.

Should have imposed fine for wasting court’s time.

And when it comes to hauling up a Muslim who is explicit about his/her views, which may at times not be in favour of the party at power in the Centre, the usual jeer is to ask the person to “go back to Pakistan”.

However, as the day unfolded, it was revealed that a certain citizen of one of the greatest secular democracies of the world, wasn’t satisfied with just passing such insensitive remarks. He decided to actually send Muslims back to Pakistan. How? He filed a petition in the Supreme Court in this regard.

The case came up for hearing in the apex court on Friday in front of a Bench of Justice Rohinton Nariman and Vineet Saran. A report published by Bar and Bench stated Justice Nariman was dismayed and appalled by the prayer.

He asked the petitioner’s lawyer to read it out loud. When the counsel did so, the angry judge lambasted the petitioner and asked: “Do you seriously want to argue this? We will hear you, but we will pass strictures against you.”

The question was met with a “no” and the petition was dismissed. That’s that. But one cannot dismiss the horrors of the seeds of communal animosities being sowed in the hearts of a multitude of fundamentalists in the country.

However, Justice Nariman’s way of dealing with the petitioner was met with much praise on Twitter and some even questioned how and why such a trifle petition was even taken up by the court in the first place. We say, who knows, maybe the agenda was to bring the man back to his senses!




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