Be Alert! The Security of Aadhaar Numbers is Under Serious Threat!

Aadhaar Breach
Aadhaar Breach

According to a report in The Tribune, published on January 4, anonymous sellers on Whatsapp are providing ‘unrestricted’ access to the Aadhaar details of more than a billion Indians for just Rs 500. The investigation has shown that details of the 12-digit unique identification number are easily accessible.

Security of Aadhaar numbers is under serious threat?

Aadhaar Breach
Aadhaar Breach

According to The Tribune the sellers over WhatsApp are providing details  for exchange of only  Rs 500 over Paytm, the “agents” create a “gateway” and pass on login ID and passwords.

What is more shocking that you could enter any Aadhaar number in the portal, and immediately get all details that an individual may have submitted to the UIDAI such as name, address, postal code (PIN),  phone number, photo and email.

Privacy at risk?

Aadhaar Breach
Aadhaar Breach

The report reveals that the racket may have started 6 months ago when over 300,000 Village Level Operators(VLEs), earlier mandated to make Aadhaar cards across India. Every time the UIDAI had stated that Aadhaar numbers and biometric data are very safe but this report has questioned their claims.

UIDAI has linked Aadhaar to person’s fingerprints and iris scans. If by paying ₹500, anyone can have access to 1 Billion Aadhaar numbers then it would be a serious breach of national security.

This news has created a spark over social media as well. Here tweets by prominent individuals & common people who are raising questions on security.

Aadhaar Breach
Aadhaar Breach

A Tweet By INC India

This is a Giant National Security Disaster

Right to Privacy is Mocked- Congress MLA Randeep S Surjewala 

A Tweet by CPI-M leader Sitaram Yechury

What are your views about Aadhaar breach? If true, this would be a serious breach of national security People’s fingerprints and iris scans are also linked with their Aadhaar.


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