Didn’t I need to have sex every day? AI Shocking Case

Air India pilot's senior asked, ‘Didn’t I need to have sex every day’?
Air India pilot's senior asked, ‘Didn’t I need to have sex every day’?

Big Trouble For Air India as an Air India pilot has levelled charges of sexual harassment against her colleague and commander, who allegedly asked her about her sexual relations with her husband. In her complaint, the victim stated that the “unfortunate” incident took place on May, 5. To look into the case,, Air India set up a high-level inquiry.

In her complaint, she stated, “The instructor reportedly suggested the two to have dinner at a city restaurant in Hyderabad on May 5 after the training session was over. I agreed as I had done a few flights with him and he seemed decent. We went to a restaurant at around 8 pm and this is where my ordeal started.”

“He started with telling me how depressed and unhappy he was in his married life. He also asked me how I coped with my husband living away and whether I didn’t need to have sex every day… At some point, I told him I did not want to talk about all this and called a cab,” read the complaint from the woman pilot.

It was also alleged that while the victim was waiting for a cab, the accused became more forward in his advances. This, in turn, made the victim feel uncomfortable and scared. The commander did not stop messaging the victim even after she went home. 

The victim eventually replied to the messages of the accused and told him how disturbed she was with his behavior. The accused allegedly stated that he was giving her options while ‘others would force themselves on women’.

The woman said she felt “morally obliged” to report this matter to the airline so that such behaviour is not repeated with anyone else in the future. 

The management of the company ordered a probe against the accused to ensure timely action in relation to the case.

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