Alibaba Chalis Chor”: Rahul Gandhi Accused Of Corruption

Alibaba Chalis Chor
Alibaba aur Chaalis Chor is a tale from the book '1001 Arabian Nights' with a middle-aged scamster as the central character

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday accused the Congress party of wide-scale corruption, referring to its chief Rahul Gandhi as Alibaba and his party cadre as chaalis chor. Rahul Gandhi received money from a businessman, who is the prime accused in a Rs. 5,600 crore scam, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra alleged.

Alibaba aur Chaalis Chor is a tale from the book ‘1001 Arabian Nights’ with a middle-aged scamster as the central character. He had 40 accomplices who helped him dupe people and steal all their money.

The BJP’s attack came a day after Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi were accused, in a media report, of renting out their sprawling 4.69-acre Delhi farmhouse to a firm allegedly involved in market irregularities, at a rent of Rs 6.7 lakh per month.

Rahul Gandhi is a scamster- Says BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra
Alibaba Chalis Chor": Rahul Gandhi Accused Of Corruption
Alibaba Chalis Chor”: Rahul Gandhi Accused Of Corruption

“There have been so many corruption scams and scandals in his reign. He surely is a scamster — Alibaba — and these people are his chaalis chor. And yet they talk about how Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been faring in curbing corruption,” BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said, while addressing the media in New Delhi, adding, “it’s all but a farce. Alibaba aur chaalis chor machaaye chaukidaar ka shor [Alibaba and his thieves are making noise about Modi, to no avail].”

Patra further said the BJP had come to know there was indeed a lavish farmhouse in Delhi’s Mehrauli in the name of Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi — that they had rented out on a hefty amount.

Congress also has attacked Pm Modi & BJP time to time

The Congress party has been making corruption allegations against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Rafale fighter jet deal with France. Rahul Gandhi alleges that PM Modi cancelled the previous deal to strike a new one to benefit his friend and businessman Anil Ambani.

He often uses the term “chowkidar” or watchman to attack the prime minister who, Mr Gandhi says, projected himself as a “chowkidar”, but never specified as to whom he was serving. While underscoring PM Modi’s silence on the Rafale deal, Mr Gandhi claimed that the “country’s chowkidar is a thief”. “Galli galli me shor hai, Hindustan ka chowkidar chor hai (This is the cry in every lane, India’s watchman is a thief)”. Also Read: Rahul Gandhi Again Insults India’s PM Narendra Modi

Alibaba (Rahul Gandhi) promoted thefts by various ways

In his counter-attack, Mr Patra said that Alibaba (Rahul Gandhi) himself is neck deep in corruption cases, but keeps screaming “chowkidar hi chor” because the Congress president is “scared”.

“Alibaba chalis chor machaye chowkidar ka shor. Alibaba (Rahul Gandhi) promoted thefts by innumerable ways in this country. Corruption and Congress are synonymous, and Congress is equal to Rahul Gandhi,” Mr Patra said.

He said that the National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL), founded by Jignesh Shah, was set up without any regulations by the UPA government in 2007.

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