Painful Alwar Gang Rape & Dirty Politics

They waited for their turn to rape her and then these 5 accused gang raped her brutally. Not only this they shared the video also.
They waited for their turn to rape her and then these 5 accused gang raped her brutally. Not only this they shared the video also.

What has happened in the recent past in Rajasthan is a tragedy, not only for the beautiful state but for the whole country. The brutal gang rape of a woman in front of her husband on April 26 in Alwar, Rajasthan has shamed the humanity. The victim couple was followed by the culprits and in an isolated place, the victims were attacked, and then the survivor was gang-raped by five men, in front of her husband in broad daylight.

The entire horrific crime was brazenly filmed by the attackers. But the atrocities  did not stop here, when the complainants went to the police station to lodge the first information report (FIR), the behaviour of police  officers was also disappointing.  

The male victim claimed the woman was raped on April 26 and the police informed on April 30, but the FIR was filed only May 7.

The rape had provoked protests across Rajasthan after the victim’s husband alleged that the police did not act quickly because of the elections.

Recently, a big war of words broke out between Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while he was campaigning in Uttar Pradesh, and BSP chief Mayawati over brutal Alwar gang-rape case on Sunday.


On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Mayawati was shedding crocodile tears by only making statements.

PM asked her why didn’t she withdraw support to Gehlot government if she was honestly concerned about the plight of the Dalit victim.

“Behenji you will have to answer why didn’t you withdraw support to Rajasthan’s Congress govt after a Dalit daughter was gang-raped in the state? You are shedding crocodile tears by only making statements,” the PM pointed out. He also took on the Gehlot government accusing it of suppressing the case involving a Dalit woman allegedly owing to Congress’s “hua toh hua” (It happened so it be) mentality repeating the reference to Sam Pitroda’s two-day old remark on 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

Hours after PM’s statement, Mayawati accused the BJP of doing dirty politics over such a horrific incident.

BSP chief Mayawati said that if appropriate action was not initiated to do justice to the victim, she would take an appropriate political decision. “If proper action is not taken in the Alwar gangrape, I will take an appropriate political decision, ” she said. However, she questioned the PM why did he not resign after incidents like Una and Rohit Vemula’s suicide during his tenure as Prime Minister.

It is a serious matter

It is a serious administrative lapse that such a horrific case went unregistered and unattended. Forget, crime and criminal intelligence, the Superintendent of Police was blissfully unaware of what was going on in the district. It was much later on May 2 that the FIR was lodged, it is alleged after the rape video was shamelessly made viral by the perpetrators.

Consequently, there was widespread indignation and agitations. It is said that the complainant received a threatening call from one of the criminals while they were meeting the district SP and this time the call was for a demand of additional Rs 9,000 to withdraw the video, which was another bluff. It was then that the administrative machinery woke up and all the six accused were apprehended.

This incident is a blot on women safety.


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