Amit Shah has contracted suar ki beemari: Congress MP mocks his illness

Watch the shameless video! This Congress MP mocks Amit Shah’s illness, says BJP president suffering from ‘suar ka zukam’
Watch the shameless video! This Congress MP mocks Amit Shah’s illness, says BJP president suffering from ‘suar ka zukam’

The political discourse hit an all-time low when a Congress leader mocked the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief, Amit Shah, contracting the swine flu virus.

BK Hariprasad, a Congress MP, has said, “Because of everything that is happening in Karnataka, Amit Shah has panicked and has contracted a virus. It is not normal fever. It is swine flu — suar ki beemari.”

He also said that Shah’s illness was a “curse for meddling in Karnataka politics” and added that the more he interferes in the state’s politics, the more sick he will fall.
Hariprasad further said, “If he [Amit Shah] tries to topple the Karnataka government, he should know, he will suffer from an upset stomach too.”

Amit Shah on Wednesday tweeted that he was suffering from swine flu. He was admitted to AIIMS in New Delhi.

Shah had written: “I have been diagnosed with swine flu for which the treatment is underway. With God’s grace and good wishes from all of you, I will recover soon.”

His remarks have drawn the ire of the BJP which has demanded a public apology. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra described Hariprasad’s remarks as “distasteful”. “The Congress party should issue a public apology for these remarks,” he said.

The BJP Karnataka has slammed Congress MP BK Hariprasad for his shameful comment on BJP President Amit Shah in a tweet.

Calling the Congress MP a “rogue” it said that his comment shows his mental stability and the politician is “unfit to live in human society”.

A team of doctors is monitoring his condition under the supervision of AIIMS director Randeep Guleria, the hospital said.Minister of State for Health Ashwini Choubey visited AIIMS Thursday to enquire about Shah’s health. According to AIIMS, the BJP leader was admitted following complaints of chest congestion and breathing issues. He was admitted in the old private ward. Union minister Piyush Goyal and other BJP leaders visited AIIMS on Wednesday night.

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