Biggest Insult To Rahul Gandhi: BJP Leader Asks Questions About DNA

Hybrid specimen, Muslim father etc. Give DNA Proof! Watch video: How BJP leader insulted Rahul Gandhi in a brutal way.
Hybrid specimen, Muslim father etc. Give DNA Proof! Watch video: How BJP leader insulted Rahul Gandhi in a brutal way.

Firebrand Union Minister from Karnataka Anant Kumar Hegde has stoked a controversy by raising insulting questions on Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Hegde attacked Congress president Rahul Gandhi for asking for proof that the air strikes conducted by the Indian Air Force in the aftermath of the Pulwama terror attack, where over 44 CRPF personnel were killed, had hit the intended targets.

Give DNA Proof That You are a Hindu and Brahmin, Ananth Kumar Hegde challenged Rahul Gandhi

While addressing an election rally in Uttar Kannada, Hegde said- “The whole world is talking about our courage and America, too. But some people in our country have doubts. Apparently, they want proof of the attack,” “But can a Muslim’s son provide proof as to how he became a Gandhi, a Brahmin? Can this outsider born to a Muslim father and Christian mother give proof of how he became a Brahmin? Will he give DNA proof?”

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Mr Hegde also attacked Congress for insulting martyrs

Hybrid specimen, Muslim father etc. Give DNA Proof! Watch video: How BJP leader insulted Rahul Gandhi in a brutal way.
Mr. Hegde & Gandhi (Image- Internet)

The union minister also claimed that the practice of sending home dead soldiers’ bodies was started by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. “Before [Atal Bihari] Vajpayee became prime minister the bodies of soldiers were not sent back to their homes. For the first time, after Vajapayee became PM, the bodies were sent back to their homes,” he said.

“Earlier the Congress didn’t even have the capacity to send bodies back home. Since we started sending bodies back home these suspicions have been raised,” he said. “All these days, when soldiers died their bodies weren’t returned, and there were only talks after the deaths. First round of talks, second round, third round… there was nothing other than that,” Hegde said.

He claimed that no leader would even visit the families of the dead to express their condolence earlier. “When I went with the body [of a soldier killed in Pulwama] to Tamil Nadu, the soldier’s wife, who was one-and-a-half months pregnant, held my hand and said Jai Hind. That woman said her daughter was saying she had to be made CRPF and she has to go attack Pakistan.”

Hegde said this “drive” did not exist earlier. “Today it is not the India of tears, in fact those who bring tears to us are crying now, that is today’s India. India has changed…This is how you build a country… on minds of steel,” Hegde said, adding that this was because of the central government, which was ensuring that would become the third superpower in 10 years.

However the BJP has distanced itself from Hegde’s remark on Rahul Gandhi.

Responding to Hegde’s comments, BJP state general secretary N Ravikumar said it was not right to make such remarks. “It is not correct to make such statements,” he said. “We have informed him and the leadership, let’s see what happens,” he added, when asked if the party would take action against Hegde.

Congress leader slammed Mr Hegde

State social welfare minister and Congress leader Priyank Kharge said it was condemnable that a union minister was repeatedly making such comments. “He has such an important ministry of skill development at a time when jobs growth has been low. Maybe because he does not want to talk about that he is resorting to making such personal comments against another,” he said.

He has attacked Congress derogatory remarks with by making many times.

This is not the first time that Hegde has attacked Rahul. In January, he had called Gandhi a “hybrid specimen” who was “born to a Muslim and a Christian”.

Last year, During the Karnataka assembly polls, the Union minister had dubbed the Congress president a ‘fake Hindu’.

Back in 2016, Hegde’s speech against the Muslim community had created a huge controversy. He said, “If there is opportunity in the media, then write exactly this. Telecast exactly this. Islam is a bomb for world peace. There will be no peace in the world as long as Islam is there.”

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