Delhi Metro and DTC Travel To Be Free For Women?

This Is Good Or Bad News? Election Strategy Or What? Why Every Decision Is Based On Gender/caste?
This Is Good Or Bad News? Election Strategy Or What? Why Every Decision Is Based On Gender/caste?

Women in Delhi can ride for free on public transport, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced today, days after his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was wiped out in all seven Lok Sabha seats in the recent national election.

The CM said that this will help women get a safe travel experience and access modes of transport that they were not able to do previously due to high prices. Kejriwal, while addressing media in Delhi, said that subsidy won’t be imposed on anyone. He said that there are several women who can afford these modes of transport. “Those who can afford, can purchase tickets, they needn’t take subsidy. We encourage those, who can afford, to buy tickets and not take subsidy so that others could benefit,” the CM said. 

However, the scheme is just a proposal and has not been launched yet.

This Is Good Or Bad News? Election Strategy Or What? Why Every Decision Is Based On Gender/caste?
Delhi Metro

Arvind Kejriwal said he has given a week time to the Delhi government officials to make a detailed proposal to both DTC and the Delhi Metro.

He said, “I’ve given one-week time to officials to make a detailed proposal – for both DTC and metro – on how and when can this be implemented. We’re making an effort to start this within 2-3 months. We’re also seeking suggestions from people, regarding implementation.”

“Initially, we had told the Centre not to increase the price of tickets, they didn’t agree. We told them we’ve 50-50 partnership, let’s give 50-50 subsidy on raised prices, they didn’t agree. Delhi government will bear the fare of what we’re going to do. We needn’t take approval for this,” he said.

A Delhi government official said Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot has already taken meetings to discuss various aspects of fare-waiver to women in all public transport buses – run by DTC and DIMTS – and Delhi metro.

Transport Department officials had, however, point out that while allowing free travel in Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) and cluster buses run by the Delhi Integrated Multi Modal System(DIMTS) may not be difficult, it will be “challenging” to do so in Metro trains.

Taking on the central government for failing to take any steps against fares being hiked on Delhi Metro, the Chief Minister said, “The Centre did not pay heed to our objections against the fare hike. In this case, we will bear the burden.

The Delhi government and the Centre are 50:50 equity partners in the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

Personal Views Of Author

Why every decision is based on gender/caste? What if a man can’t afford? What if a woman has enough money but will get it for free? Stop making stupid decisions that widen the gender/caste gaps. Only give facilities to the needy. Be it women or men.

This decision is an outcome of general election emphatic defeat. It would be good politically motivated enterprise but we got to reflect that who would bear the loss of metro.

India will crumble if people just get everything for free without paying and working hard. Reduced prices on tickets is all way better than this. How does travelling for free of cost ensure safety?  Next in queue will be senior citizens then war widows then army personnel’s and then SC/ST then OBC.

If anyone should ride free it should be elderly and disabled not women.

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