Abuses, Tears Drama And ****? It Is Gambhir Vs Atishi Marlena

What is going here? Tears, blame game, drama and now*****
What is going here? Tears, blame game, drama and now*****

The Delhi deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia and BJP’s Delhi unit got into an outrageous Twitter war on Friday berating each other after BJP’s East Delhi candidate Gautam Gambhir sent a defamation notice to his rival Atishi after she accused him of distributing derogatory pamphlets in the constituency. 

While Sisodia threatened to file counter defamation against Gambhir, Delhi BJP unit responded with a warning that the entire controversy will cost dearly to the AAP in the general elections. 

The entire matter came to light after pamphlets containing objectionable and offensive remarks surfaced in East Delhi constituency. Atishi broke into tears while reading a pamphlet containing derogatory and abusive remarks against her which she alleged was distributed in the constituency by Gambhir. The pamphlet headlined ‘Atishi Marlena-Know your candidate’, also uses abusive language about CM Kejriwal and Deputy CM Manish Sisodia.

I’m ashamed that Arvind Kejriwalis the CM of my state- Said Gambhir

Reacting to the allegations, Gambhir had severely criticised CM Kejriwal and accused him of outraging a woman’s modesty. He further challenged Kejriwal and Atishi saying that if proven true, he will withdraw his candidature immediately. He also questioned the duo that if proven otherwise, will they quit politics. “I feel ashamed to have a CM like Arvind Kejriwal. My Challenge no.2 ArvindKejriwal AtishiAAP. I declare that if it’s proven that I did it, I will withdraw my candidature right now. If not, will u quit politics. I abhor your act of outraging a woman’s modesty @ArvindKejriwal and that too your own colleague. And all this for winning elections? U r filth Mr CM and someone needs ur very own झाड़ू (broom) to clean ur dirty mind,” Gambhir had tweeted.

“If they can get a proof, I’ll resign right now and if they get a proof by May 23, I’ll resign on that particular day. But if Arvind Kejriwal does not get the proof, does he accept the challenge that he will leave politics forever on May 23. I will definitely file a defamation case against them. You can’t tarnish someone’s image just like that, if you don’t have the proof. I have never given a negative statement against anyone so far in my election campaigning,” Gambhir told news agency ANI.

Atishi had said, I just want to ask that if such things are written about women then how can you take the responsibility of the women of Delhi? She was accompanied by Sisodia during a press conference in the national capital.

Never imagined Gautam Gambhir to stoop so low- Said Kejriwal

Speaking on the incident, Kejriwal accused Gambhir of stooping low and said it is “precisely this kind of forces we have to fight against”. Taking to Twitter, he said, “Never imagined Gautam Gambhir to stoop so low. How can women expect safety if people wid such mentality are voted in? Atishi, stay strong. I can imagine how difficult it must be for u. It is precisely this kind of forces we have to fight against.”

Calling Atishi his sister, Sisodia tweeted, “Mr @GautamGambhir! You want to be elected by distributing these handbills against me and Atishi? Shame on you Mr Gambhir! People of East Delhi know me and Atishi very well but through these handbills, you have introduced yourself. This is your character.”

Why is no action taken against such dirty tricks? Asks Swati Maliwal

DCW Chairperson Swati Maliwal in her tweet said that the comments made against Atishi were “disturbing and sickening”. “How will women participate in politics if treated this way? Why is no action taken against such dirty tricks?” read the tweet.

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200 Rs for a tweet with hashtag ‘#IStandWithAtishi’

Meanwhile, rebel MLA Kapil Misra has also jumped into the debate, sharing a screen grab of an alleged conversation between the AAP party’s members where one sent the PDF of the pamphlet on the group asking them to tweet the same with the hashtag ‘#IStandWithAtishi’ for Rs 200 per tweet.

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