Ducks Increase Oxygen Levels, Says Biplab Deb! Is He Completely Wrong?

Ducks increase oxygen levels, says Biplab Deb! Is He Completely Wrong? Read here to know!
Ducks increase oxygen levels, says Biplab Deb! Is He Completely Wrong? Read here to know!

The Tripura chief minister, who made headlines for one controversial statement after another not too long ago is back with a weird logic again.

In a boat race event in the Rudrasagar lake in Tripura , CM said ducks don’t only increase the beauty of the place, but also has other benefits like –recycling of water and their swimming increases oxygen levels in the water bodies.

Biplab Dev said, he therefore wants to distribute ducks among villages in the state as they would increase rural economy.

“I have announced today that the people shall be distributed 50,000 ducks. When 50,000 safe ducks would roam around in Neermahal Lake, it would look very beautiful” he said.

The CM also told landless villagers not to worry about not having land for duck rearing.

“You don’t need to have land for rearing ducks. The government will distribute white ducklings to you. Rear them in Rudrasagar. It will be a great attraction to see thousands of white ducks swimming in the lake”, he said.

Study Supports Deb’s Statement?

State BJP spokesperson Dr Ashok Sinha also came out in support of the CM’s comment that ducks swimming in water bodies automatically raise the oxygen level of the water. Sinha slammed critics who made fun of Deb’s remarks, saying that such people were “ignorant” and that the CM was “100% right”

With reference to the FAO report, a professor of Zoology at a college in Calcutta said to TOI, “The paddling movement of ducks can help a nominal amount of atmospheric oxygen get dissolved in water,” and that the movement of ducks could help the oxygen disperse and dissolve better.

Interestingly, a study on integrated fish-duck farming published by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) argues that ducks aerate the water while swimming, thus being called “biological aerators”. A 2012 study published by The Hindu reiterates the claims through a case study in Kerala on the integrated farming method.

Some Twitter users were quick to point it out.
Biplab Deb is known for making such statements 

In April he made a weird statement “Indians have been using the internet since the times of Mahabharata…Internet existed long ago in our country. It may have got lost in the middle but India was top in technology since the times of Mahabharata.”

Read in detail: Tripura CM Finds Proof of Internet, Satellite Communication In Mahabharata! Gave Points To Prove It

He had also claimed the Buddha walked over the sea to Japan and Diana Hayden did not deserve her Miss World crown.

Well what do you think about these statements by Tripura’s CM? Tell us in the comments section and stay connected with Awaaznation for all updates!


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