Who are the Bishnoi People? The Ecological Warriors Who Got Salman Khan Convicted

Bishnoi Community
Bishnoi Community

Salman Khan has been found guilty by Jodhpur court on the case on Black Buck Poaching Case. The court acquitted Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre. The Bishnoi community, fought a long battle against Salman Khan and others crime for the crime of killing black bucks victim. Bishnoi society is upset with the acquittal of the remaining four and is demanding that the government should challenge the court’s decision in the upper court. They have played an important role in this case.

But this is not their first fight for forests and wildlife. Even before this, more than 300 people of Bishnoi community have sacrificed their lives to save the trees.

Who are Bishnoi People?

Bishnoi Community Love For Deer
Bishnoi Community

According to the information available on internet, the Bishnoi community of Rajasthan comes from the Western Thar Desert near Jodhpur. They are known for their love for nature. People of this society consider animals as God.

What are 29 rules of Bishnoi society? These people even risk their lives to follow these rules.

Bishnoi Community
Bishnoi Community

Bishnoi words is s composed of 20 (Bish) and 9 (Noi in Hindi) words. People of this society follow the 29 rules, one of which includes vegetarianism and not cutting of green trees.

Rules of Bishnoi Samaj are-

  1. Not to cut green trees.
  2. To provide a common shelter (Thhat) for goat/sheep to avoid them being slaughtered in abattoirs .
  3. Not to have bull’s castrated.
  4. To take early morning bath daily.
  5. To maintain both external and internal cleanliness and remaining content.
  6. To meditate twice a day i.e. morning and evening (times when night is being separated from the day) .
  7. To sing the Lord’s glory and reciting His virtues every evening .
  8. To offer daily oblation to the holy fire
  9. Use filtered water, milk and carefully cleaned fuel/ firewood .
  10. Filter your speech.
  11. To be forgiving in nature .
  12. To be compassionate.
  13. Not to steal .
  14. Not to tell lies .
  15. Not to indulge in opprobrium .
  16. To observe fast and meditate on no-moon night (and the same day i.e. Amavsya).
  17. To recite the holy name of Vishnu .
  18. Not to revile/ condemn someone .
  19. To be compassionate towards all living beings .
  20. To kill the non-perishables.
  21. To partake food cooked by self/ other religious person or one who is pure by heart and work .
  22. To observe segregation of the mother and newborn for 30 days after delivery .
  23. To keep woman away from all activities for 5 days during her menstrual periods .
  24. Not to take opium .
  25. Not to use tobacco and its products.
  26. Not to take cannabis .
  27. Not to drink liquor.
  28. Not to eat meat or non-vegetarian dishes.
  29. Not to use blue coloured clothes

Special Love For Deer

Bishnoi Community
Bishnoi Community

Special love is seen in this community for the deer along with nature and wildlife. Women consider deer as their own child. Even they give them milk just like their children. This tradition is very old.

Black Buck Hunting Is A Legal Crime

Bishnoi Community Love For Deer
Bishnoi Community Love For Deer

Black deer is a species of deer found in India, Nepal and Pakistan. It has become extinct in Bangladesh. During the 20th century, the number of black deer declined steadily due to excessive prey, deforestation and habitat decline. In India, there is a ban on black deer hunting under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.

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Even History Has Witnessed Their Love For Environment

Bishnoi Community Love For Deer
Bishnoi Samaj Love For Deer

According to information, during the rule of Raja Abhay Singh in Jodhpur, when people of the court reached to cut trees, more than 300 people protested in the village Khejarli or Khejadli and sacrificed their lives. At that time Amrita Devi Bishnoi of this community awared people and preferred to cut her head instead of cutting down trees. Then one by one people tried to save trees at the cost of their lives. Today, awards are given by the state government in the name of Amrita Devi Bishnoi.

Bishnois don’t hesitate in even laying down their own lives to save black bucks.


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