9 Hilarious Fails and Master blunders from indian media

Indian media, especially Indian news websites do a lot of ‘WTF journalism’.
Indian media, especially Indian news websites do a lot of ‘WTF journalism’.

There are dumb readers, there are smart readers, and if you are one of those who believes in everything that comes out straight from Tehelka, NDTV, TOI, The Hindu, Daily Bhaskar or any other popular media, then you are actually the dumbest of all.

Indian media, especially Indian news websites do a lot of ‘WTF journalism’. They exaggerate headlines, they copy, and they publish a lot of crap as news; all with the same aim – to get more readership, more page views, and of course to attract and fool a lot of dimwits.

Here I bring you a few bloopers, fails, blunders, and lies made by Indian media that will make you say ‘R.I.P journalism’.

9. Shoma Chaudhary, a journalist, writer, and one of the founders of Tehelka, who always pretended herself to be a ‘feminist’ came out as a fake woman.

feminist meme

All she did was b*tching and ranting about others on Twitter.

8. India Today published this fake news about ‘woman uploading 12 million pictures on Facebook’ as real breaking news.

India today news

Is it humanly possible to upload millions of pictures on Facebook in just one day? Yes, if you are an India Today web editor.  India Today wasn’t aware of the satirical American news site The Onion. So, they did what they are actually good at – Copying and Rewording news from international

news sites and publishing on their site as their own without citing the original sources. Fooled by The Onion!

7. And they did it again! Website running slow due to fog, seriously?

India today fail

This is why you should never blindly believe everything you read online. This India Today copywriter has never heard of  Faking News, so he reworded this satire from the site and published it. Fog affecting website traffic?

6. TOI wanted to be little creative and different, so they came up with this headline. Worst ever!

The bond

Many sites including Bleacher Report and the Huffington Post declared that it is one of the worst headlines ever written in the history of the newspaper.

5. And they also killed the wrong Osama Bin Laden with their headline.

TOI Obama

Obama found with the youngest wife? LOL…

4. This is how Hindustan Times paid tribute to Neil Armstrong, the first man on the man (moon).

hindustantimes moon

3. The moment when both were confused about the nationality of the rape victim.

media epic fail

2. NDTV was caught red-handed by a Twitter user for using viral YouTube video to broadcast the Uttarakhand flooding in 2013. Cheating caught!

NDTV fake video

So, NDTV video editor wasn’t aware of the fact that we also watch YouTube?

1. And they all lie.

Media lies



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