Why All Brahmins Are So Angry With Twitter CEO?

A troll-army took offence to a poster held by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and then bombarded specific accounts with casteist slurs and threats of violence
A troll-army took offence to a poster held by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and then bombarded specific accounts with casteist slurs and threats of violence

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is in the eye of a storm after his photo holding a poster during a round-table with women journalists that read “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy” went viral on social media.

And Brahmins across Twitter, around the world – those from the United States, those from Andaman as also those from Manusmriti united against this injustice, this massacre, this tragedy

Some users accused the Twitter CEO of ‘bigotry’, ‘racism’, being party to ‘hate speech’, while some even went on to say that its time to ‘dump Twitter’.

Mohandas Pai, Chair of Manipal Global Education, also asked Jack how he can be “party to this kind of hate”. Mohandas Pai was the director of Infosys earlier.

Congress Backs Twitter CEO In ‘Smash Brahminical Patriarchy’ Row As Manish Tewari Makes Brahmin-Jews Comparison

Issuing a tweet on the matter, Tewari has seemingly absolved Jack Dorsey, and contextualised the content of the placard, writing:

“Anti Bhrahmisam is the reality of Indian politics. Got accentuated in the North post Mandalisation of Indian politics . We are the new Jews of India and we should just learn to live with it.”

Tewari went to add that Dorsey should not be blamed for any of this and added that Brahmins are the new Jews of India and should earn to live with it.

In his tweet, he has made a reference to the reservation movement of nineties, and to the World War 2 holocaust.

Twitter India Clarifies, Says Important to Hear & Understand All Sides of Important Conversations

Dorsey was also accused of attacking an “ethnic group”. Following the backlash, Twitter India clarified on Twitter saying that it is not a statement from the Twitter CEO but instead, a tangible reflection of the company’s efforts to see, hear and understand all sides of important public conversations that happen around the world.

Twitter, in a statement, said it had hosted a closed-door discussion with a group of women journalists and change makers from India to better understand their experience about Twitter.

One of the participants shared her experience as a Dalit woman and at the conclusion of the session, gifted a poster to Jack, a Twitter spokesperson said.

“The sentiments expressed on the poster do not reflect the views of Twitter as a company or Jack as the CEO, and we regret that this picture has detracted from an otherwise insightful trip to India,” the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson said Twitter is a platform where “marginalised voices can be seen and heard, but we also have a public commitment to being apolitical. We realise that this photo may not accurately represent that commitment”.

However, users seemed unconvinced with many questioning why the CEO of a large company would hold such a poster.

Twitter, which has over 300 million monthly active users, counts India as among its largest markets. It has a large number of Indian politicians on its platform, who engage regularly with the public and extensively use it around elections.

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