Burari 11 Deaths: Evidence Points To Occult Angle! Occult Ritual May’ve Gone Awry

Lalit Bhatia, 45, drove the
Lalit Bhatia, 45, drove the "mass suicide" and made the notes "planning" the deaths? Here are some spine chilling facts and evidence that are pointing towards an occult angle in Burari Death case!

In a tragic incident, a family of 11 were found dead at their home in north Delhi’s Burari on 1 July 2018. The national capital was left in a state of panic as the victims were all from the same family and they were found hanging in their home in Burari village in the northern part of New Delhi.

There is evidence that the family members didn’t believe they would die, that they thought god would save them. Piecing together details of the autopsy and writings found in the house in Burari, the police said Lalit Bhatia, the son of 77-year-old Narayan Devi, was the “brain” behind the deaths. Narayan Devi, earlier believed to have been strangled, also hanged herself.

Burari 11 Deaths
Postmortem reveals no signs of struggle

There was no sign of struggle by family members.

Priyanka, 33, got recently engaged, ‘discussed preparation for wedding till 11 pm’

Priyanka, 33, who was one of the 11 members of the family found dead under mysterious circumstances, had recently got engaged and was supposed to get married in November. Her cousin Ketan Nagpal recalled she was discussing the preparations for her wedding last night. “She was talking about shopping for her wedding around 11 pm. She did not sound depressed or that she was about to kill herelf.

‘Children were playing cricket hours before the incident’. 

friend of the two minor boys, who were among the 11 people found dead in north Delhi’s Burari, expressed his shock over the deaths. He said he had seen them playing cricket last night.

The chilling case of 11 pipes
Burari 11 Deaths
Burari 11 Deaths

The discovery of 11 plastic pipes protruding out of the wall of the house where 11 of a family were found dead in the Sant Nagar area of North Delhi’s Burari on 1 July 2018 morning has added to the chilling mystery.

While seven were facing downwards, four of them were facing straight. Moreover, two of them were placed at a distance from the rest. It is assumed that 7 pipes are of same size (indicating seven women in the house) and 4 of different (four men of the house). The two pipes which are separate could probably be indicative of the widows in the house.

The contractor of the house said that it was Lalit who had asked him to place the pipes in such a manner. The police are investigating the significance of the pipes, but are not altogether ruling out the occult angle. (DNA)

Neighbours confirmed that the family was religious.

“Every member of the family prayed thrice every day,” A neighbour said.

Relatives dismiss ‘religious angle’

“They were not facing any financial issues and had not taken even a single loan,” Ketan Nagpal told the news agency. “Everything was fine. Why would they kill themselves?

Ketan Nagpal, brother(In relation) of Priyanka, told that Priyanka was discussing about  her wedding preparations. Priyanka used to do a job in NOIDA IT firm. During the investigation in the house, the police received a hand written note written, in which the family has indicated to follow any religious tradition.

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Lalit Bhatia, 45, drove the “mass suicide” and made the notes “planning” the deaths?

The police say Narayan Devi’s youngest son Lalit Bhatia, 45, drove the “mass suicide” and made the notes “planning” the deaths.

He had taken a vow of silence a few years ago but had recently started talking again, about “visits” from his dead father.

One of his notes predicted doom and advised the family that they would be saved.

The entry read: “Antim samay mein, aakhri ichha ki purti ke waqt, aasman hilegi dharti kaanpigi, us waqt tum ghabrana mat, mantra ka jaap badha dena, mein aakar utar loonga aur ko bhi utarne mein madad karunga (in your last hours, while your last wish is fulfilled, the sky will open up and the earth will shake, don’t panic but start chanting the mantra louder. I will come to save you and others).”

Another unsolved mystery is how the teenaged children were convinced by the family to take their own lives.

Investigating officers said that there were no signs of struggle and it’s hard to believe that 11 people readily agreed to take their lives and even allowed their family to die in front of them.

Chilling Handwritten Notes

In the notes found in diaries, it was written that “everyone will tie their own hands and when the kriya (ritual) is done then everyone will help each other untie their hands. The date had been planned, the police found.

Handwritten Notes Give Horrifying Instructions on How to Kill 11 Members of Family!

Diary Notes Reveal One Man’s Delusions
Burari Family
Burari Family

Lalit, son of Narayan Devi who was one of the eleven persons found dead in Burari area of Delhi. As per sources, Lalit used to claim that he can see his late father in his dreams, who talks to him and tells him the solution to all his problems. So, Lalit started writing in the register in 2015 after which some pages are blank. From December 2017 he had written almost every day.

The notes in the register read “Antim samay mein..akhri ichha ki purti ke waqt, asmaan hilega…dharti kaapegi…uss waqt mantro ka jaap badha dena..main aakr, tumko aur auro ko utaar lunga. (During the last moments when you’re finally making the last wish, the clouds will burst and the earth will move, start chanting loudly. I will come and save all of you.)

The family had ordered 20 chapatis from a nearby shop but no curry alongside. This too has been stated that all will eat chapatis from their mother’s hand.  Police sources claimed that Lalit’s mental state wasn’t stable.

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