Did You Know Why Communist Know As Left In India?

Communist Know As Left In India
Did You Know Why Communist Know As Left In India?

Communist always is known for its rebels behaviour. The ideological differences between of socialism and capitalism broke the world into two parts, one for those who support America(capitalist) and one that supports Russia (socialist). But in India communist follow their ideology at the political level and represent itself at the national level.

The parties which are having the socialism in their manifesto are known as Left-winged, they follow the extreme socialism and anti-capitalism and they walk in the path that is laid by communist constitution made by various international communist leaders, the parties that work in India are:-

1.Communist Party of India(Marxist)

2.Communist Party of India(Leninist)

3.Communist Party of India(Marxist-Leninist)

4.Forward Block

Communist Know As Left In India
Communist parties of India

5.Communist Party of India(Maoist)[*banned by the government.]

6.RSP(fonder laid by Netaji Subhash Ch. Bose)

7.Communist party of India

8.CPI(Naxalist)[*banned by government]


some political party in communist follower are in mainstream political parties they fight the election and some are behind the curtain and have no faith in the constitution and some are extreme parties which are here to spread violence.



The main reason for calling these parties as Left-Handed begins with a parliament session in French history. When the elections were over in France, the speaker of the house called all the party members to sit in the house. The members who had a socialist mindset preferred to sit towards the left-hand side of the speaker to differentiate from the capitalist MPs. Hence they were called left-handed. Since then all the socialist parties are called the Left-Handed parties especially the communist parties.

Communist Know As Left In India
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When did the Communists first form a government in India?

E M S Namboodiripad led the undivided Communist Party to victory in the 1957 assembly election in Kerala, the first democratically elected Communist government in the world. But the Congress party, led by its then president — a lady named Indira Gandhi — brought it down two years later.

What is the CPI-M’s biggest claim to fame?

The CPI-M led by Jyoti Basu won a huge majority in the 1977 assembly election in West Bengal and has not lost the state in 27 years. Political analysts believed that Mamata Banerjee, the Trinamool Congress leader, would defeat the Communists in the 2002 assembly election after Basu stepped down because of his age. However, its new leader Buddhadeb Bhattacharya stunned the naysayers by winning a fresh term for the Left Front in West Bengal.



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