Congress MLA Calls PM Modi ‘dengue mosquito’ Watch & Read Response

PM Modi is a dengue mosquito, use pesticide to get rid of him? Watch Shocking video of Congress MLA!
PM Modi is a dengue mosquito, use pesticide to get rid of him? Watch Shocking video of Congress MLA!

The standard of political rhetoric among politicians and ministers has achieved a remarkable low. Maharashtra Congress MLA and daughter of former CM Sushil Kumar Shinde has courted a fresh controversy by comparing Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a ‘dengue mosquito’.

There is a new dengue mosquito in our country, its name is ‘Modi baba’. Everybody is being affected because of him. He had a disease of telling lies… brothers and sisters, I will bring down inflation, deposit 15 Lakhs in your accounts,” Congress MLA Praniti Shinde said at a rally in Solapur.

Shinde made this comment while criticising the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government over the increase in expenses under their dispensation. She also lambasted the Prime Minister for the increasing price of gas cylinders and said that the situation was much better under the Congress government.

As per reports, during her speech, the Congress MLA urged voters to make sure that PM Modi was ousted from power in the upcoming elections. Apart from that, Shinde also reportedly referred to local BJP MP Sharad Bansode as a “drunkard”, according to India Today.

Responding to her jibe, the honourable BJP MP sought to shame the Congress legislator by calling her “someone who wears sleeveless clothes and attends parties”. “Those who were caught in rave parties in sleeveless clothes have no right to attack me. I know what she does in Mumbai. If I open my mouth she will have no face to show in Solapur. This is the last warning to her,” Bansode said.

This is the second recent statement from a Congress leader that has drawn the ire of the BJP. Congress leader Shashi Tharoor is facing flak for calling the Prime Minister a “scorpion sitting on a Shivling.”

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