Is Our Constitution A Bag That Is Borrowed?

Is Our Constitution A Bag That Is Borrowed?
Is Our Constitution A Bag That Is Borrowed?

The reason for writing this article(?) is very simple. I was reading about the constitution(Indian), there was a criticism saying that Indian constitution is the bag of borrowings…. I asked Google Baba….. But answer it gave is…. “It’s not simply borrowing, we(?) adjusted it for our own needs. If we call it as a patchwork, then it is beautiful patchwork”….. I searched the reasons for this “beautiful patchwork”…… Some of them are as follows…..

The Indian Constitution is the lengthiest and the most detailed of all the written constitutions of the world. While the American Constitution of original consisted of only 7 Articles,  the Australian Constitution 128 Articles, the Canadian Constitution 147 Articles, the Indian Constitution originally consisted of 395 Articles divided into 22 parts and 8 Schedules. Since 1951, several Articles and Parts have been added to and several Articles have been omitted from the Constitution.

The constituent assembly was formed in 1946 and the Indian Constitution was presented to the nation on January 26, 1950. The Assembly was chaired by Dr B.R.Ambedkar and B.N. Rao was the constitutional adviser to the Assembly.

Is Our Constitution A Bag That Is Borrowed?
Is Our Constitution A Bag That Is Borrowed?

It is often said that the Indian Constitution is a bag of borrowings. following are the sources of inspiration for members of our constituent assembly at a glance.

No. Sources Features
1) Soviet Union Fundamental duties, kinds of justice in Preamble.
2) Australia Freedom of trade and commerce, concurrent list, the joint sitting of the parliament.
3) Britain Rule of law, parliamentary form of government, bicameral legislature
4) U.S.A Fundamental rights, judicial review, the independent judiciary
5) Ireland Directive Principles of State Policy, Method of electing the President
6) Canada Federalism with a strong centre
7) Germany Emergency provisions, Suspending fundamental rights during the emergency.
8) South Africa Amendment of the constitution
9) France Liberty, equality, and fraternity.
10) Japan Procedure established by law
11) The Government of India Act,1935. Federalism, emergency provisions.


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