Beware! Most dangerous area’s in Delhi NCR for women


Delhi is considered to be one of most unsafe metro city for women. Recently, WhyPoll trust, an NGO based in the capital city conducted a survey to find out the specific places in the city where women feel insecure or have been harassed. Over 50,000 people were approached for the poll and asked to give specific inputs.

From roads to parking lots, nearly 100 places in NCR have been mapped out with the help of this poll which are not safe for women

Lets take a look at most dangerous places in Delhi NCR for women

6. Nithari Village, Noida

Nithari village is located in the western Uttar Pradesh on border of New Delhi. It mainly falls in Sector 31 of Noida. By now everyone is aware of the Nithari massacre which happened in December 2006. The skeletons of several women and children were dug out of the earth who were eventually murdered. Moninder Singh Pandher and Surender Koli were arrested in the case. Need we say more about how unsafe this area is?



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