Metro Fare hike

Travelling via delhi metro will get costlier as the fare of metro is revised minimum Rs10 and maximum Rs50.

The fare is divided into six category as : Rs10 upto two kilometers, Rs15 for two to five kilometers, Rs20 for five to 12km, Rs30 for 12 to 21km, Rs40 for 21 to 32km, and Rs 50 for more than 30 km.

Smart card users will be benefited during peak hours from morning six to eight, afternoon 12 to five and after nine at night will be provided 20 percent discount.

Sundays and National holidays 26 January, 15 August and 2 October, each category will have Rs 10 discount.

The new hiked fares will be applicable from 8th may, 2017. this hike is after seven years of last hike keeping in mind the increasing cost of electricity, labour and maintanance costs.


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