Delhi’s 5 Most Wanted Women Criminals, The List Will Blow Your Senses

Deadly Women From Delhi
Deadly Women From Delhi

From selling illicit liquor to running prostitution rackets, police records in Delhi feature many women. In 2017, a 38-year-old lady made headlines for running the biggest prostitution racket in Delhi. Shocked? We are going to tell you about those real women who sell illegal liquor, run gambling hideouts and prostitution rackets? We bet the list will blow your senses.

1. Sonu Punjaban, 38

Deadly Women From Delhi

She was arrested on December 24, 2017. Geeta Arora is her real name. She ran one of the biggest prostitution rackets in the city.

Sonu Punjaban was last arrested on the complaint of a 13-year-old girl, who accused her of beating her. The girl also told that sonu drugged her and forced her into prostitution. When she was arrested, Sonu told Police that she earns around Rs 50,000 every day from one girl.

2. Shakeela, 53

Deadly Women From Delhi

Shakeela used to be a vegetable seller who later turned to running one of the biggest gambling dens in east Delhi’s Laxmi Nagar. She has involvement in 21 criminal cases, mostly those of gambling and illicit liquor. She is also accused of rioting, attempted murder and smuggling drugs.

3. Ramapreet Kaur, alias Rani, 32

Deadly Women From Delhi

Police had caught two ‘men’ on a bike in at least 38 CCTV cameras across Kirti Nagar market. When they traced the bike and arrest the rider, they were shocked when they learnt that the one who was riding pillion on the Pulsar AS 200 motorcycle, was a woman.

She has been committing crimes since her husband’s arrest in a murder case in 2014. Rani was arrested 13 times but got released on bail. Police claim that she is involved in at least 100 cases.

4. Saira Begum,43

Deadly Women From Delhi

Saira, along with her husband, Afaq, ran one of Delhi’s biggest human trafficking and call girl racket. Shhe was arrested n 2016. According to sources, though Begum is in prison, her aides continue to run brothels at GB Road, near Paharganj.

5. Basiran, 62

Deadly Women From Delhi

When she was arrested, Police seized four luxury cars which include an Audi. She has managed to earn crore by trafficking girls and forcing them into prostitution.

The list is shocking. Isn’t it?


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