IndianTaliban! Muslim Mob Killed A Father For Opposing Eve-Teasing

IndianTaliban? Muslim Mob Killed A Father For Saving His Daughter’s Honor. Hindu girls are being eve teased by Muslim youth in areas where their population has increased?
IndianTaliban? Muslim Mob Killed A Father For Saving His Daughter’s Honor. Hindu girls are being eve teased by Muslim youth in areas where their population has increased?

A Hindu businessman was murdered by some of his Muslim neighbors for allegedly opposing their attempts to harass his daughter.

The murder took place on Sunday, 12 May in Moti Nagar. Dhruv Tyagi was returning from a hospital with his daughter when Mohammad Alam and his brothers passed lewd comments on his daughter. When he countered them, they came close and tried to molest his daughter. Sensing danger he left the venue and went home and dropped his daughter. He came back to the location to complain the behavior of his sons to Mohammad’s father Jehangir Khan. Instead of castigating his son, Jehangir Khan along with his son Mohammad and a dozen others assaulted Tyagi. His son Anmol who came to the rescue of his father was also thrashed.

Dhruv Tyagi was beaten so badly by the Muslim mob led by the father and son that he lost his life soon after he was admitted to the hospital. Anmol Tyagi is still in critical condition.  

The families of the accused Muslims and the victims lived at 30-metre distance from each other in the same lane. The accused family lived on rent in a flat owned by the victim’s relatives for the past five years. The family, locals said, had come from Bihar and settled in Delhi 15 years ago. The main accused is a dailywage labourer, his son is a rickshaw puller and his wife and daughter work as domestic maids.

The accused family’s women members pelted stones at Dhruv Tyagi &  they gave cleaver to her husband to kill the Victim.

DCP (west) Monika Bhardwaj said the two women were arrested after allegations of their involvement were corroborated by many eyewitnesses.

A probe has revealed that Jehangir’s wife and daughter initially pelted stones at Tyagi from their balcony. Later, they came down with a cleaver and handed it to Jehangir. When Tyagi’s daughter went to save her father and brother, the two women attacked her as well. In order to save herself and her family members, Jehangir’s wife called the PCR falsely accusing Tyagi and his family members of attacking her daughter.

During questioning, Jehangir’s wife initially claimed that she went down to stop the fight and didn’t hand over any weapons or attacked anyone. However, her son’s statement nailed her lies as he told police that he saw his mother and sister taking part in the attack. This was corroborated by the statement of Tyagi’s daughter. It was also found that Jehangir’s son, Mohammad Shamsher Alam, was drunk at the time of the incident. (Times Of India)


As many as 50 cops, in uniform and civvies have been posted in the area to prevent any untoward incident in the sensitive atmosphere. Monica Bhardwaj, DCP, West Delhi said,”We have arrested four persons including accused’s mother and sister following statement of the victim. Shamsher Alam and his father Jahangir Alam was already arrested on Tuesday and we have also arrested Shamsher’s mother and sister following statement of the victim on Wednesday. Besides, we have also apprehended Shamsher’s two younger brothers involved in murder”.

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