We Welcomed Monsoon But Sometimes It’s Really Bad For Us:- Just Check This Out

Monsoons have the potential to be extremely violent weather systems. Drought-stricken land can be suddenly drenched with several inches of rain.
Monsoons have the potential to be extremely violent weather systems. Drought-stricken land can be suddenly drenched with several inches of rain.

The monsoon season starts at the beginning of July and ends in late September each year in the American Southwest. Wind patterns shift and more moisture enters the area, creating the potential for intense afternoon storms. The monsoon season, similar to the Midwest’s tornado season or the Atlantic’s hurricane season, can cause major damage and catch people off guard if they are not prepared.

What is a Monsoon?

Monsoons refer to a changing wind pattern that happens in several areas of the world. In the Southwestern United States, the typical wind pattern comes in from the west or northwest. During the monsoon season, wind patterns shift to coming from the south or southeast. This shift in winds brings moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. As this moisture hits the mountain ranges and higher elevations of the Southwest, it cools and forms afternoon thunderstorms.


What are the Disadvantages of the Monsoon Season?

Monsoons have the potential to be extremely violent weather systems. Drought-stricken land can be suddenly drenched with several inches of rain. Property-damaging hail is common during the monsoon season, as are wildfires started when lightning strikes without producing rain in an area. Arroyos and canyons are prone to flooding as runoff from higher areas rushes to carry excess rainfall through to lower areas. In areas that were burned by wildfires in previous years, mudslides and soil erosion can cause widespread damage to crops, homes and roads.

Diseases season 

During the monsoons, we are able to see hospitals filled with patients and mainly children. Yes, the rain or monsoons bring along with it many diseases, especially fever. This is mostly affected by children. Children have a great affection towards rain. These children like to go out into the rain and play in the rain. So they will get wet due to this. This can turn to diseases like a fever which will grow to many severe and disastrous diseases. Also, there is a chance of diarrhoea due to the lack of pure water and the abundance of impure water in our surroundings.


These are not the only diseases taking place during monsoon seasons. Malaria, cholera, dengue are some other severe disease during monsoon seasons. During monsoons, a large amount of stagnant water is found where the mosquitoes lay their eggs and increase the mosquito population. These mosquitoes are responsible for such vector born diseases during monsoon seasons.

Industrial Poison flow out 

Sometimes near the industries, there would be poisonous substances in the atmosphere. So when monsoon strikes these areas there can be a chance of acid rain. The acid rain is very disastrous. It can kill many plants and if these acids reach water sources it
can lead to the death of many marine animals. We know that monsoon in Kerala comes with heavy thunderstorms. These thunderstorms can lead to electric shocks among people.

waterlogging problems 
Also if it rains for a large amount of time it can lead to water logging in many places. These waterlogging has many disadvantages for us human beings. If water is logged over crops over days their crop gets destroyed. So the farmers here in Kerala do not want continuous rains as it can lead to the death of their crops. So this rain can take away a large amount of income from farmers.


Adversely effects farmers
It is not only the farmers the water logging due to monsoon effects. Almost all the people of a society are affected due to this. Continuous rains can fill the rivers and it can also lead to overflow of rivers. This can lead to the submerging of houses shops and many buildings. All these cause a great damage to people of the society. Also, we can see that electric lines may be fallen due to severe rains to the water collected below. Water is a good conductor of electricity and it brings shocks. Thus anyone who steps in water would get an electric shock. This can even lead to the death of people.


Also, snakebites are also common wherever there is a waterlogging. The snakes are taken away by flowing water and are also found in areas where water is stagnant.

Staying Safe During the Monsoon Season


Staying informed is key to personal safety during the monsoon season. Listen to local weather forecasts and, when outdoors, keep an eye on the sky. Thunderstorms typically develop in the afternoons. When they develop over higher terrain, flash flooding can occur in low-lying areas. Monsoons can also produce fire-causing lightning strikes and hail as well as a torrential downpour of rain.



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