Donald Trump celebrated Diwali at white house


Diwali is the festival of lights, Diwali is celebrated not only in India but in many countries. And if talk about the America, then US President Donald Trump celebrated Diwali in the Oval Office with senior Indian American members of the administration and community leaders,Nikki Haley, Seema Verma, and Trump’s daughter, Evaka Trump, also participated in the event. President of US Federal Communications Commission Ajit Pai, Raj Shah Chief Deputy Press Secretary also attended the celebration.

Trump did not celebrate Diwali for the first time, but before that during the campaign, he  was also celebrated Diwali in last year Iwaka went to temples located in Virginia and Florida, on the occasion of Deepawali to the t Last year. Trump was a Republican candidate for the presidential post, and he lit the lamp in a traditional manner in New Jersey and addressed the Indian American community.

Who started the tradition

Former President George Bush stated this tradition and organizing the Diwali celebration started in the White House . During Bush’s tenure, his team used to organize Diwali celebrations often in the India Tritiy room in the White House premises. However, Bush never participated in the Diwali celebration in the White House.

In the year before his successor Barack Obama, on the occasion of Deepawali, the traditional lamp was lit in the White House’s East Room. After that, they maintained this trend in the coming years.



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