Murders are taking place instead of drugs in Punjab. Watch!

murder in punjab
murder in punjab

Punjab the state of five rivers. Fully cultural and a beautiful state having beautiful dance, Tasty food and colours. We can see Punjab as a very happy state if we visit there at first time.But the reality of Punjab is something different. That is very different from our expectations from this state. Punjab is going in a very bad phase these days because of over taking of drugs in Punjab. Mostly things we have seen in movie “Udta Punjab” about the real face of Punjab. Where all youth is in addiction of Heroine , Hash and other drugs.

Drugs are coming from Pakistan or other parts of India which they are taking and spoiling their lives.Instead of Drugs in Punjab there is another crime which is taking place it which is ‘murder’. Murders in Punjab is so common these days. According to the report of Indian Express” Punjab saw a murder in every 8 hours so you can Imagine what are the conditions there which is converting this beautiful state into crime state.

There is a video which was uploded in YouTube where two men fired a man in a lonely street and instead of helping them people were only watching them. Lets take a look at that video !

Have you seen how two Sikh men came and fired their gun to kill that innocent guy. No idea that murder was planned or what but looking like it was a scheme by the two men.No body was helping him when they fired the gun because of the fear of those two guys. No matter why in Punjab these kind of murders are mostly happening every where. The government of Punjab should taken a strict initiative towards these things. If no one could help Punjab and can’t able to detect the actual problems of people then this state would be in deep trouble.

Click this link for more information about Punjab murder report.


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