Kumar Vishwas:- A Unique Love Marriage!

Kumar Vishwas:- A Unique Personality!

Kumar Vishwas is the popular personality in our society. He is not only a politician rather than a good person. Personally, he is a man with the specific ideology, he doesn’t follow anyone. He makes its own path. Here we are sharing some unknown or rare stories of about Kumar Vishwas.

Kumar Vishwas
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As A Poet

  • His favourite poet is Ram Dharisingh Dinkar. Dinkar is very close to Vishwas’ heart. ‘Mahakavi’, a special TV series on Indian poets hosted by Vishwas, opened with an episode dedicated to Dinkar. This shows how inspirational a figure Dinkar is for Vishwas.
    In the words of Vishwas, even in world literature, there are very few gems like Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, who with their sheer volume of quality work, have left an impression.
  • Though Dinkar remained a poet at heart, he had written quite a few essay books. Some of his greatest work include Rashmirathi, Urvashi, Parashuram Ki Prateeksha, Kurukshetra, Mitti Ki Oar, and Sanskriti Ke Char Adhyaya.
    He is hailed as ‘Rashtrakavi’and completely deserves the epithet for his inspiring work.
  • He was criticized for making derogatory remarks about Imam Hussain and Hindu deities during a Kavi Sammelan, for which he made an apology later.

He has written poetry based primarily on the Sringara rasa (romance). He has also penned the university anthem for Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut. Kumar Vishwas is a regular at prominent poetry recitations in India and abroad including the USA, Dubai, Singapore, and Japan.


As Life Partner

Kumar Vishwas and Manju Sharma Love Story:-Vishwas and Manju met during their college days. Both of were quite fond of Hindi literature. In fact, Kumar Vishwas used to write Hindi poems for Manju Sharma. It is a known fact that Kumar Vishwas is a poet of Shringara ras – love. He started doing this to impress Manju. Needless to say that he succeeded in this endeavour, and eventually married Manju after the completion of heir post-graduation.

Kumar Vishwas
As Life Partner

A Great Fan Of Kejriwal

Can’t even think Kejriwal would take a bribe: Kumar Vishwas:- Following corruption allegations against Arvind Kejriwal, Aam Aadmi Party leader Kumar Vishwas expressed his support for the Delhi Chief Minister. “After my 12-year association with Arvind, I can’t even think that (the Delhi CM) could take a bribe,” Mr Vishwas said.

Activities and achievements of Kumar Vishwas
He has written the University Anthem or ‘Kul-Geet’ of the Chaudhary Charan Singh University. He involves himself in several social works. He is an active member of the civil society. He played an integral part in the India Against Corruption movement (IAC) led by Anna Hazare, a veteran social leader. He regularly performs in “Kavi Sammelans” (Poet Meets) held all over India and across the world in countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Singapore, Nepal, Japan and USA. He also performs at different corporate celebrations across India and abroad.


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