First Namo Chai, NAMO Cap, NAMO Merchandise, Namo TV & Now This?

Big Controversy On First Day of Lok Sabha Polling, BJP In Trouble

A massive controversy related to BJP party broke out on Thursday (April 11) on the first day of voting in Lok Sabha elections 2019. This could raise problems for the party as opposition is not in mood to leave this opportunity.

The issue? At a polling booth at Sector 15A in Noida, in Uttar Pradesh’s Gautam Buddha Nagar constituency, food packets with Namo inscribed on them were seen being sent inside the poll booth.

After people received food packets, they noticed that the packets had “Namo Foods” emblazoned on top in Hindi. It started generating a buzz among curious onlookers. Several people noted that NaMo are the widely-recognised initials of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that have previously been seen on everything from BJP merchandise to a controversial TV channel exclusively promoting him.

There is some misinformation being spread- Said Vaibhav Krishna, senior superintendent of police

Reacting to the development, Vaibhav Krishna, senior superintendent of police, Gautam Buddha Nagar, said that misinformation was spread regarding the Namo food packets. He denied that security personnel and cops posted at the Sector 15A booth had been given food packets sent by a political party.

The officer said the food packets were procured from a shop named Namo Food Corner and not from a political party.

“There is some misinformation being spread that some policemen have been distributed food from a political party. This is absolutely wrong. At local level, some food packets were procured from Namo Food Shop and not from any political party. Some people are spreading wrong and politically-motivated rumours. And there is no official order to procure food from any particular food outlet,” Krishna said.

The use of word ‘Namo’ (NaMo) has become controversial in the election season

Election rules in India prohibit the presence of any paraphernalia related to parties or candidates within 200 metres of polling booths on Election Day.

Namo word is widely-recognised as initials of the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In fact, a channel named NaMo TV has been under the Election Commission’s lens after complaints were filed with it. Political parties have demanded the channel should be banned during the period poll code is in place.

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