New Ordered Can Be Issued For Shopping Mall Restaurant: Aware


After getting GST, where people have made facilities, many difficulties are also being faced daily uses products are being illegally recovering under the name of GST. In view of this, the GST Council can issue instructions to shopping malls, restaurants and other outlets. In this directive, the business will be asked to ensure GST is included in the Maximum Retail Price (MRP).

What Is The GST

GST, only one tax will be levied on every item and every service, i.e. VAT, excise and service tax will be replaced by a single tax. The common Indian will be the biggest beneficiary of GST that people of the country will have to pay a single tax on luggage in the country. That is, the price of any item in the entire country will remain the same. Currently, different types of taxes are charged on items.

After the GST is implemented, the Central Government is continuously receiving complaints regarding illegal recovery in the name of GST. According to a report, in view of this, the Ministerial Committee on GST has given a suggestion to the GST Council to issue a new order in this regard. Which can be the verdict on November 1 the next meeting of the GST Council is to be held in Guwahati on November 10, then there may be more recovery from MRP.

The ministerial group has suggested that the GST Council should make it clear that the MRP is the maximum retail price for any product. In such a way, it is considered a crime to recover more than MRP. Despite having MRP on many products, including water bottles in many places, illegal recovery is being done on them in the name of GST. Based on the reactions received from the common people, the GST is constantly making changes. In such a situation, the council is also looking at these complaints and some orders can be issued soon.

The consumer ministry has cleared the picture in the month of July for MRP. According to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the GST is in the MRP. Therefore, you can not sell anything at a higher price.

Apart from this, if the MRP of a product is growing under GST, then the company will have to give it information in the newspaper through Advertising and also the new MRP sticker paste on the product with the old sticker. For all these changes, the Ministry gave the traders 60 days time.


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