Happy Birthday Sachin Pilot || Sachin Pilot Birthday Wishes


Happy Birthday Sachin Pilot | Sachin Pilot Birthday Wishes 

Hello friends, how are you all today is 7 September, as you all know that today is the birthday of Sachin Pilot, then on the occasion of his birthday, Sachin Pilot said that instead of giving me a gift, you should Have to donate more blood.


Who is Sachin Pilot ?

Sachin Pilot is considered to be a very young leader of the Congress and with this he is a strong contender for the next Chief Minister. Today, on the occasion of the birthday of Sachin Pilot . Let us and all of you together wish him a very happy birthday from the depths of our heart.

Sachin Pilot and Congress Tragedy

Recently, the confusion between the Congress running in Rajasthan has completely improved now, while the whole Congress wishes Sachin Pilot on his birthday.

While all the Congress leaders have sent greetings to Sachin Pilot on his birthday, yet no tweet has come from Ashok Gehlot on the birthday of Sachin Pilot.

#HBD_SachinPilot , It is getting quite popular on YouTube and Twitter . Sachin Pilot Did not receive any congratulations from Ashok Gehlot and Rahul Gandhi on the occasion of his birthday

Personal Life –

Sachin Pilot married Sara Abdullah on 15 January 2004. Sara Abdullah is the daughter of Farooq Abdullah chairman of Jammu and kashmir National Confrence and ex-chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir. Together they have two sons, Aaran and Vehaan.

His father was also member of parliament and was also union minister.

He was one of the 714 Indians mentioned in the Paradise Papers tax evasion .


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