Mom Brutally Beats Her Child & Films It To Seek Money From Ex-Husband

Warning: Extremely Disturbing Video:- This Will Break Your Heart
Warning: Extremely Disturbing Video:- This Will Break Your Heart

In A Horrific Case of Child Abuse, A Woman Filmed Herself Brutally Beats Her Toddler To Seek More Alimony From Ex-Husband.

Shot on February 28, the 2-minute long clip shows the mother beating the boy as he pleads to her. The child appears to be bare naked as the steel spatula, strikes him multiple times.

She sent the footage of her brutally assaulting her three-year-old son, stripped down naked. The boy is made to hold his ears while she taunts the boy and smacks him.

As reported by the Mumbai Mirror, Heena and Faiyaz Shaikh, aged 52, got married in 2015 but they got divorced soon after things did not work out.

The woman’s ex-husband promised to give her Rs. 6,000 (£65) every month so that she could support her son.

But if payment is late then she mercilessly beats her son.

Take a look at a snippet from the video she shot- Warning: Extremely Disturbing Video:

You want to go to your father? Who’s going to pay for the milk you spilt? He gives me only Rs. 6000 per month to take care of you. But I spend Rs.10,000 on you every month,” the mother says in the clip.

She sent the video to Faiyaz in a bid to force him to pay her more maintenance money. She demanded more money otherwise she would beat the boy again.

As soon as her ex-husband saw the clip, he headed to the cops filing a complaint of assault against Mumtaz. The police proceeded to arrest her under the Juvenile Justice act that pertains to child abuse. Also Read: Woman Beaten Up, Kicked, Slapped, Stripped And Paraded Naked On Suspicion Of Killing Man In Bihar

A mother is everything for their children but how can a mother do such cruel things?

We at Awaaz Nation condemn such acts and demand strict action against accused!

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