Train on Magenta Line Didn’t Crash Because It Was “Driverless”

Delhi Metro Magenta Line Crash

A driverless Delhi Metro train which was being tested on a new “Magenta Line” crashed through a wall on 19 December 2017 at 3.40 pm. The metro was expected to be inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi on Christmas.

Times Of India
Source- Times Of India

Do you also think that the metro was derailed because it was driverless? Well No, says Delhi Metro.

Then how did the accident occur?

Delhi Metro Magenta Line Crash
Delhi Metro Magenta Line Crash

It happened because of a human error. Yes, trial train was allowed to move from the workshop without testing the brake system.

The brakes should have been tested before the train left as a result of which, while the train was taken for cleaning, It  was moving up the ramp and the brakes did not work as they were inactive, it rolled back and hit the boundary wall,” said Anuj Dayal, executive director, corporate communications, DMRC.

“Human error & negligence” Main cause of the accident

Delhi Metro Magenta Line Crash
Delhi Metro Magenta Line Crash

Although there were no casualties but the accident scared daily commuters and raised questions on security. DMC blamed the incident on “human error & negligence” during maintenance because the train’s brakes were disengaged.

Staff who took charge of the train failed to check whether the braking system was active and took rakes to washing area.

Magenta line will link Noida to South Delhi. 

Magenta Line
Magenta Line

The Magenta line will link the Botanical Garden station (Noida) to Kalkaji Mandir (south Delhi.) This line will later be expanded up to Janakpuri West and Botanical Garden will serve as an inter-change station which would allow commuters to switch between the Yellow and Magenta lines.

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