Horrific Report On Water! Wake Up Or Be Ready For The Danger

Wake Up Right Now, Or We All Will Die.
Wake Up Right Now, Or We All Will Die.

India is facing the worst water crisis in its history. Central Water Commission on May 10, 2019, issued a drought advisory – on water storage in dams dropping to a “critical” level. The advisory was Tamil Nadu and six other states including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The drought advisory is issued to states when the water level in reservoirs is 20 per cent less than the average of live water storage figures of the past 10 years.

21 Indian Cities will run out of groundwater by 2020

According to a new report of the NITI Aayog, by 2020, 100 million people will be affected by a shortage of groundwater in 21 Indian cities including Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad. And about 40 per cent of India’s population will have no access to drinking water by 2030.

Droughts are becoming more frequent, creating severe problems for India’s rain-dependent farmers.

Nearly, 200,000 die every year due to lack of clean water

With nearly 600 million Indians facing high-to-extreme water  stress–where more than 40% of the annually available surface water is used every year–and about 200,000 people dying every year due to inadequate access to safe water, the situation is likely to worsen as the demand for water will exceed the supply by 2050, said the ‘Composite Water Management Index’(CWMI) report , released on June 14, 2018.

Groundwater in India depleted at 10-25 mm per year between 2002 and 2016. Average rainfall declined, from 1,050 mm in the kharif — summer cropping–season of 1970 to less than 1,000 mm in kharif 2015. Similarly, in the winter cropping, or rabi season, average rainfall declined, from Rs 150 mm in 1970 to about 100 mm in 2015. Dry days — days without rainfall — during the monsoons have increased, from ~40% to 45% in 2015.

According to the NITI Aayog report, if mitigation measures are not implemented, India faces a 6% loss in its gross domestic product (GDP) by 2050.. With nearly 70% of water contaminated, India ranks 120th of 122 countries in a global water quality index, the report had noted.

The situation is really bad, to say the least. This calls for immediate policy level reforms by the government to be undertaken as a priority.

You And I And Every Individual Must Make Effort To Save Water At Individual’s End

Wake Up Right Now, Or We All Will Die.
Save Water

With more and more areas struggling with droughts, conserving water is more important than ever. No amount of efforts on the higher level to save our rivers or divide the waters amongst the countries will prove beneficial till you and I, and every individual makes that effort to save water at individual’s end. 

Shower Bucket. Instead of letting the water pour down the drain, stick a bucket under the faucet while you wait for your shower water to heat up. You can use the water for flushing the toilet or watering your plants.

 Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. Water comes out of the average faucet at 2.5 gallons per minute. Don’t let all that water go down the drain while you brush! Turn off the faucet after you wet your brush, and leave it off until it’s time to rinse.

Turn off the tap while washing your hands. Do you need the water to run while you’re scrubbing your hands? Save a few gallons of water and turn the faucet off after you wet your hands until you need to rinse

Re-use your pasta cooking liquid. Instead of dumping that water down the drain, try draining your pasta water into a large pot. Once it cools, you can use it to water your plants. Just make sure you wait, because if you dump that boiling water on your plants, you might harm them.

 Head to the car wash. If you feel compelled to wash your car, take it to a car wash that recycles the water, rather than washing at home with the hose.

Install a water meter. When you’re paying your utility provider for exactly how much water you use, laid out in an itemised bill, there’s an incentive to waste less of the stuff

More Steps

Run the dishwasher or washing machine only after it’s full. Those half-loads can waste a lot of water.

Rain water harvesting is a great way to conserve water and should effectively included in every old as well as new construction.

Older cisterns use a lot of water to flush; switch to newer version which uses very less water yet flushes effectively.

Water plants early in the morning, as you would need less water since cooler morning temperature means losing less water to evaporation.

Fill up a small tub with water to rinse if you are hand washing the dishes. Do not let the maid let the tap running while she is lazily scrubbing the dishes or is running the tap full speed while rinsing.

You can live without love, but not without water.

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