Shocking Records Of Crime In India, UP & West Bengal On Top

India's Crime report
All And Everything About India's Crime, Lead By UP And West Bengal

We said that India is a fastly growing nation but records of crime bureau say another story of the nation. A side where UP celebrates the BJP victory on another hand UP ranks first in crimes report. Here the details of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)2016 below…

The Highlights

  • A total of 48,31,515 cognizable crimes comprising 29,75,711 Indian Penal Code (IPC) crimes and 18,55,804 Special & Local Laws (SLL) crimes were reported in 2016, showing an increase of 2.6% over 2015 (47,10,676 cases).
  • IPC Crimes have increased by 0.9% (from 29,49,400 in 2015 to 29,75,711 in 2016). SLL Crimes have increased by 5.4% (from 17,61,276 in 2015 to 18,55,804 in 2016).
  • Uttar Pradesh accounted for 9.5% of total IPC crime reported in the country followed by Madhya Pradesh (8.9%), Maharashtra (8.8%) and Kerala (8.7).
  • Delhi UT reported the highest crime rate (974.9) under IPC crimes followed by Kerala (727.6) and Madhya Pradesh (337.9) against the national average of 233.6.
  • During the year 2016, IPC Crimes have reported a charge sheeting rate of 72.9% while conviction rate is 46.8% in the country.

    India's Crime report
    India’s Crime report

Violent Crimes:- UP Ranked First

  • Murder cases in the country have shown declining trends during the last three years. Murder cases decreased by 5.2% from 32,127 cases in 2015 to 30,450 cases in 2016.
  • Uttar Pradesh (4,889 cases) reported the highest number of cases of murder accounting for 16.1% followed by Bihar 2,581 (8.4%) cases during 2016.

Crime Against Women:- From husbands or From UP

  • Cases of Crime Against Women have reported an increase of 2.9% in 2016 over 2015. Majority of cases under crimes against women were reported under ‘Cruelty by Husband or His Relatives’ (32.6%) followed by ‘Assault on Women with Intent to Outrage her Modesty’ (25.0%), ‘Kidnaping & Abduction of Women’ (19.0%) and ‘Rape’ (11.5%).
  • Uttar Pradesh reported 14.5% (49,262) of total cases of crimes against women followed by West Bengal (9.6%) (32,513 cases) during 2016. Delhi UT reported the highest crime rate (160.4) compared to the national average rate of 55.2. 3) Rape cases have reported the increase of 12.4% from 34,651 cases in 2015 to 38,947 in 2016. Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh reported the highest incidence of Rape with 4,882 cases (12.5%) and 4,816 (12.4%) followed by Maharashtra 4,189 (10.7%) during 2016.

Crime Against Children

  • Crime Against Children has shown increasing trend over the past 3 years with the significant increase of 13.6% (1,06,958) in 2016 over (94,172) 2015. Kidnapping and Abduction of Children accounted for 52.3% of the cases followed by Cases Reported under POCSO i.e. 34.4%.
India's Crime report

Human Trafficking:- West Bengal Leads

  • A total of 8,132 cases of Human Trafficking were reported in the country with West Bengal reporting the highest number of cases (3,579) sharing nearly 44% followed by Rajasthan (1,422) sharing 17.9% of such cases in the country. However, a total of 15,379 persons were trafficked during the year including 58.7% children. 2) A total of 23,117 persons were rescued during the year in the country, Children constituting 61.3% of the victims rescued (including victims of the previous year).

Cyber Crimes:- Trending One

  • The incidence of Cyber Crime has shown an increasing trend by 6.3% increase in 2016 (12,317) over 2015 (11,592). 2) Uttar Pradesh (2,639 cases) reported the highest number of cases of Cyber Crimes accounting for 21.4% followed by Maharashtra with 19.3% (2,380 cases) and Karnataka with 8.9% (1101 cases) during 2016.

Crime Against SC/ST:- Continuously Increased

  • SCs:- Crime Against Scheduled Castes have increased by 5.5% in 2016 (40,801) over 2015 (38,670). 2) Uttar Pradesh (10,426 cases) reported the highest number of cases of atrocities against Scheduled Castes (SCs) accounting for 25.6% followed by Bihar with 14% (5,701) and Rajasthan with 12.6% (5,134) during 2016.
  • STs:- Crime Against Scheduled Tribes have increased by 4.7% in 2016 (6,568) over 2015 (6,276). Madhya Pradesh (1,823 cases) reported the highest number of cases of atrocities against Scheduled Tribes (STs) accounting for 27.8% followed by Rajasthan with 18.2% (1,195 cases) and Odisha with 10.4% (681 cases) during 2016.


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