Killed Over 1.24 Lakh across India 2015 Reason Indoor Pollution : Lancet Report


Pollution that has become the most dangerous for our environment today, especially in India, the level of pollution is increasing day by day, and the most shocking thing is that external pollution is only dangerous but there is also much pollution in the house. If we think that the air of our house is free then it will be wrong because the smoke that is being removed while cooking in the house is also the cause of pollution. It is very harmful to our health many children are suffering from many disease cause of pollution and also children are facing many diseases at an early age.

Indoor air pollution was linked to over 1.24 lakh deaths across India in 2015, a report published in Lancet – a noted medical journal – has stated. This count was higher than deaths caused by pollution emanating from coal power plants (accounting for 80,368 fatalities) and other industries (95,800 fatalities).

The report focuses on the need for climate policies that also curb air pollution, considering that many sources of greenhouse gas emissions – such as thermal power plants – also affect air quality.Indoor air pollution causes 4.3 million preventable deaths linked to pneumonia, stroke, lung cancer, heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease every year.

It is quite alarming that the pollution of the house is so dangerous for us that even death can occur, especially in villages, there are more possibilities of internal pollution because the villages are still used in the Chula, the smoke emitted by carbon diffuses And it has a very bad effect on women, because wood, animal dung and coal are used to in chula for making a food in villages, which is a big cause of pollution and when making a food on this way lots of smoke in whole house and very dangerous for health. so its time to wake up and stay away from pollution especially in village area must be knowledge of how to use correct way for cooking and government should do awareness program for that. so please not even in villages area but in the city, people should be aware.


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