International Day of Forests: 10 Simple Things You can Do To Save Forests

International Day of Forests (IDF)
International Day of Forests (IDF)

“Forest Don’t Need us, We Need Them”

Deforestation has severely damaged our environment. Due to the indiscriminate cutting of forests, the forest area of ​​the country is declining which is dangerous to the environment as well as for life.

For the purpose of conservation of environment and forests, The International Day of Forests (IDF) is celebrated every year on 21 March.

International Day of Forests (IDF)
International Day of Forests (IDF)

This day provides a platform to raise awareness on the importance of all types of forest and trees, and celebrate the ways in which they sustain and protect us.

A tree serves human beings in every way throughout its lifetime. International Forest Day is celebrated every year on the occasion of saving the forests and making people aware about keeping the earth green.

Benefits from forests

International Day of Forests (IDF)
International Day of Forests (IDF)

We all know that they give us fuel, fresh air and rain. But the biggest thing is that forest/trees are sucking the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases produced by us. Other benefits f forest/tress include-

* Supports Ecosystems and Habitats

Natural Air Conditioners

* Natural Air Purifiers

* Reduce Noise Pollution

* Maintain Groundwater Level

* Mental & Physical Wellbeing

* Enrich the Soil

* Regulates the Water Cycle

* Medicinal Value

* Habitat for many species

* Stabilize Climate

10 easy steps that you can do to reduce your impact and help save forests:

International Day of Forests (IDF)
International Day of Forests (IDF)

1. Volunteer for tree-planting projects.

2. Buy firewood from “downed wood” sources

3. Purchase wood products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

4. Shop for FSC-certified products.

5. Use only FSC-Certified products

6. Use recycled wood for remodeling and repairs

7. Avoid chlorine bleached paper

8. Buy recycled paper products and avoid products with excessive paper packaging

9. Use both sides of paper and save scraps for notes

10. Recycle paper products, print less & Recycle paper– Start it today.

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International Day of Forests (IDF)
International Day of Forests (IDF)

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