When an IPS officer was the reason for putting his wife in jail! Reason will shock you!

IPS officer with wife
IPS officer with wife

Everyone is doing crime these days. Nobody is loyal these days even he is a common man or an IPS officer. Everyone wants to take shortcut to achieve their goal.Nobody wants to the hard work before any exam. If its about  career everyone wants to take the shortcut to achieve their goal.

A case come from Chennai came when the exam of UPSC was going on and an IPS officer was giving the examination and suddenly he was caught by the invigilators.

What he did ?

IPS officer was doing cheating in that exam and the invigilators saw him doing that and they snatch his exam sheet than police came and arrest him. We want to tell you doing cheating in any major exam is a crime and the main thing he was an IPS officer who are the most trust able persons of a country. Many people do their best in these exams but don’t get the opportunity but this person was taking it to lightly. He did not have any kind of fear if he caught red handed so what would be the next scenario.

Who was he and what he was doing during exam?

IPS officer
IPS officer

He is IPS  Safeer Karim from Hyderabad. During exam  Karim used a micro camera mounted on his chest and connected to Google drive. The camera was scanning the paper and send through Google drive to the intended recipient.

Who was helping him?

None other than his wife was helping him during his exam. Her name is Joicy Joyce who was in Hyderabad. Joyce would give the answer orally, which would reach him through Bluetooth. If the voice was not audible, he would write on a paper with a pencil, which he would scan again and send to his wife. She would then speak louder.

Joyce was allegedly assisted by an associate named Dr P Rambabu, director of La Excellence IAS Study Circle at Ashoknagar in Hyderabad, who provided hi-tech support to her to help her husband cheat. The two used computers, laptops, an iPad and other gadgets to transmit answers to Karim

On Tuesday, Hyderabad police arrested Joyce and Rambabu for allegedly helping Karim cheat in the civil services examination. The arrests came after the Chennai police tipped off their Hyderabad counterparts.

Snatching the dreams from the deserve ones. 

This is how our so called IPS officer’s are doing. There are huge number of people who have a dream to clear this exam by taking the path of hard work but these people are so busy why they do hard work instead of doing smart work with the help of technologies these days. Technology these days are helping these kind of people to achieve their goal in a shortcut. But if use technology in a safe way it really helps us by giving extra boost to our mind by knowledge.

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