Know about the Indian super scientist who changed an era: Jagadish Chandra Bose

His works on plant science and radio technology were pioneering. He led the advancement of experimental science in the Indian subcontinent.
His works on plant science and radio technology were pioneering. He led the advancement of experimental science in the Indian subcontinent.

Bose had outdone most of his contemporary Indian scientists in terms of achievements and contributions to the society. His works on plant science and radio technology were pioneering. He led the advancement of experimental science in the Indian subcontinent. He was born on November 30, 1858, in British India’s Bengal Presidency. His death anniversary is also in the same month, that is 23rd November.

Electromagnetic Waves

In November 1895, Bose presented a public demonstration at Town Hall in Calcutta, where he sent an electromagnetic wave across 75 feet, passing through walls to remotely ring a bell and to explode some gunpowder. This was really a great achievement and he promoted the age of wireless communication. Later on, we developed many things through this Electromagnetic principle.

Bose Over Marconi

Bose is known as the father of wireless telecommunication. He had invented the Mercury Coherer, a radio wave receiver that was used by Guglielmo Marconi to build an operational two-way radio. The then Indian scientist didn’t have enough exposure to the platforms for these discoveries and inventions. Whether or not the idea matters the most and we appreciate such an invention even if he is uncredited officially.


Bose was the person who first demonstrated the science behind capturing radio waves. Wondering how he is not as well known as Marconi? This is because he never patented his work. The science behind capturing radio waves was first demonstrated by Bose. While Marconi was celebrated for his invention, Bose remained unknown to many, as he never patented his work.

Plants Are Living

He was the first scientist to discover that plants too are living beings and have similar life cycles and functions like animals. The living attribute of the plants was a unique and one of its own discovery. The way we look at it is quite different. The variety of subjects he took into account studying and research is really commendable.


He invented the Crescograph, a device used to analyse and understand the functions of different stimuli in plants. He conducted many chemical experiments to prove that plants can feel pain and react to affection and anger. He just revolutionised the idea by which we treat plants. The application of plants are generous, also it is quite productive through the approach.

Professor At Presidency

Bose was appointed as a professor in Presidency College (now University) in Calcutta by the order of Lord Ripon on his return from London. Well!!! JC Bose was a gem of the country and English didn’t waste any time to keep him. The Presidency College of Calcutta was generously benefitted from the services of Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose.

In-Room Lab Experiment

Being a colonised Indian, Bose was denied access to laboratories. He would conduct his experiments at his place. He would work inside a 24-square-feet room, which is hardly enough for any scientific experiment. The Indians were really given a hard time from the colonizing chief and it was rewarding for the British chief to act like that. JC Bose was aidden and hard earned talent that the country has ever produced.

Science Fiction

He was considered as the pioneer of Bengali science fiction. His book Polatok Toofan(Absconding Storm) described how a cyclone could be averted by using a bottle of hair oil. It explained how oil changes the surface tension and holds water. His book Niruddesher Kahini(Story of the Untraceable) was the first major Bengali science fiction.

Teaching Gem

The award of professor of Presidency College was a gift to the world. He gave this world two brightest and sound-alike gems. Jagadish Chandra Bose was one of the most influential teachers of his time. Two of his students were Meghnad Saha and Satyendra Nath Bose. The two genius carried the name of their teacher and really earned and achieved big in their life. He cracked down the code of success along with Science benefits.

Crater On The Moon

There is a small crater on the Moon named after Jagadish Chandra Bose. The Bose Crater is located at the far side of the Moon close to Crater Bhabha and Crater Adler and has a diameter of 91 kilometres. This is really a tribute which he deserves. He might be from this planet but necessarily he was the revolution created for the coming era with his extreme inventions and scientific experiments.


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