Love-Jihad Case: How Akhila became Hadiya? Full Timeline

Kerela Love Jihad Case

Hadiya is a young woman who adopted Islam, defying her Hindu family. She grew up as Akhila Ashokan in Kerala but married a Muslim man Shafin Jahan last year. Her father filed a petition in Kerala High Court alleging she was being forcibly converted and called it Love Jihad. This case has roiled Kerala.

Here’s a brief look at the timeline of Kerala ‘love jihad’ case.

What is the issue?

Kerela Love Jihad Case
Kerela Love Jihad Case

Akhila later turned Hadiya is the only daughter of K M Ashokan, 56, a retired Armyman. Her father was upset by her conversion and filed a complaint and a habeas corpus petition in the Kerala High Court in 2016 alleging she was being forcibly converted. However, Akhila denied this in court.

Akhila changed her name to Hadiya in July 2016 and converted to Islam. On the petition, the marriage was cancelled by the Kerala High Court. Court gave Hadiya’s father KM Asokan her legal custody after the annulment of the marriage.

SC orders National Investigation Agency (NIA) probe

Kerela Love Jihad Case
Kerela Love Jihad Case

Hadiya’s husband, Jahan, approached the SC challenging the high court’s order. On August 16, the investigation was referred to the National Investigation Agency (NIA) under the supervision of a retired Supreme Court judge.

Hadiya’s ‘husband’ was in touch with IS men?

Kerela Love Jihad Case
Kerela Love Jihad Case

According to the NIA probe, Shafin Jahan, husband of Hadiya, was in touch with two key chargesheeted accused in the terror group Islamic State Omar al-Hindi case through Facebook group dealing with activities of SDPI, the political arm of Popular Front of India (PFI).

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Where is Hadiya now?

She was in her parents custody for almost six months after the Kerala High Court had on May 2017 annulled her ‘nikah’ to Shafin Jahan. Now she is continuing her studies at a college in Salem in Tamil Nadu after the SC allowed her to move out of her parents’ custody.

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