Rahul Gandhi Again Trolled After Kumbhakaran Lift Yojana Mistake

What Rahul Gandhi meant to say was
What Rahul Gandhi meant to say was"Kumbha Ram", as in the Kumbha Ram Arya Lift Canal project. How hard could it have been, you ask?

BJP leaders including Union Minister Piyush Goyal and IT Cell head Amit Malviya shared a video in which Rahul Gandhi appears to fluff his lines during a speech.

In the video, which is part of his speech in Alwar,  Gandhi fails to say Kumbharam and instead ends up saying Kumbhakarna .

What Rahul Gandhi meant to say was”Kumbha Ram”, as in the Kumbha Ram Arya Lift Canal project. How hard could it have been, you ask?

Union Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted: “Kumbhakarna used to sleep for 6 months Congress slept for 60 years and deprived India of development.”

The Kumbharam Arya Lift Canal project is located near Malsisar town in Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu district.

For the uninitiated, Chaudhary Kumbharam Arya was a freedom fighter, tall Jat leader, parliamentarian and popular farmer leader in Rajasthan.

Kumbhakarna on the other hand is a demon from the epic Ramayana who’s Ravana’s younger brother with a penchant for deep sleep. Confusing his name with that of an antangonist from Ramyana is unlikely to pay in electoral dividents.

Sambit Patra also took  a dig at Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Kumbhakaran’ mistake 

“Even the lift plan won’t be able to wake up this Kumbhakaran who wasn’t able to wake up from his deep slumber for 70 years,” said Sambit Patra, another BJP spokesperson, apparently referring to the Congress. “The whole population will come together and ‘lift’ them [and remove them] from this political ground.”

“By the way, this man feels he deserves to be the PM of India!” Patra said. “Does he take the Indian voters as ‘Kumbhakaran’?”

Gandhi, 48, has made embarrassing blunders before.

He’s said the words “every single city in Bangalore,” called P Venugopal “Madam Speaker”, and talked about selling coconut “juice”. When Narendra Modi was still chief minister of Gujarat, he said Rahul Gandhi would put Kapil Sharma, the comedian, out of business.

Jokes aside, the BJP is expected to face a tough fight when Rajasthan voters go the polls this week. In an India Today survey conducted in 25 parliamentary constituencies, 44 per cent of respondents supported the government.

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