Manohar Parrikar No More? Congress’ Shocking Remark! BJP Angry

Show him in person, or conduct his ‘Shraadh’: Goa Congress leader’s cheap comment on Manohar Parrikar! Watch
Show him in person, or conduct his ‘Shraadh’: Goa Congress leader’s cheap comment on Manohar Parrikar! Watch

Congress spokesperson Jitendra Deshprabhu drew strong criticism after he claimed that Parrikar, who has not made a public outing since October 14, may not be alive.

While speaking to news agency ANI, Deshprabhu claimed that the Congress wanted to meet the Former Defence Minister and current Goa Chief Minister in order to confirm whether the Chief Minister, who is said to be suffering from advanced stage pancreatic cancer, was alive. The Congress spokesperson told the news agency, “He (Parrikar) is nowhere to be seen either publically or privately. It leaves a very serious doubt in our mind, whether there is a chief minister at all. We want to see the chief minister, whether he is still alive.”

He also accused the media of trying to play down the severity of Parrikar’s ailment.

“Yes, we are taking that call. It is an extreme call that the honourable chief minister may not be there at all,” Deshprabhu told the media in Panaji.

Parrikar has not had a single public appearance since his return from Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences on October 14 and is currently bedridden at his private residence, which party sources said has been converted into a sophisticated medical facility, with doctors and para-medical staff on 24-hour duty.

The Bharatiya Janata Party reacted sharply and said the statement was a result of Congress frustration. 
Manohar Parrikar
Manohar Parrikar

BJP accused the opposition party of lowering the political discourse.  Goa BJP General Secretary Sadanand Shet Tanavade said, “Deshprabhu must be frustrated if he is making statements like this”.

On October 27, soon after Health Minister Vishwajit Rane for the first time officially revealed that Mr Parrikar was suffering from pancreatic cancer, the Chief Minister’s Office said that Mr Parrikar was expected to hold a cabinet meeting on Wednesday at his private residence. ” He is the CM of Goa and the fact is that he is not well. He has got pancreatic cancer. There is no hiding of this fact,” Rane had told reporters.
Parrikar has been undergoing treatment for the pancreatic ailment since mid-February and has been in and out of several hospitals in Goa, Mumbai and US since then.

Deshprabhu is an accused in an illegal mining case and had been arrested earlier by the state crime branch and fined Rs 1.72 crore for illegally extracting iron ore from Corgao village. He was a former national secretary of the Nationalist Congress Party, who was inducted into the Congress in 2012.

This incident comes just days after Goa BJP state President Vinay Tendulkar had declared that the CM would rejoin office shortly: “Parrikar is recovering well and we expect him to resume office in the next month, that is November,”

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