What the hell? Men to conduct ‘Mard March’ in reaction to Aurat March

‘Mard March’ in Pakistan
‘Mard March’ in Pakistan

Just like last year, this year  Aurat March left a lot of people inspired, empowered and strengthened in the face of oppression, as well. However, on the other hand, the march also left a hefty number of social media users disgruntled.

After two days of  utter rage and complete ridiculing of the Aurat March, a handful of defensive and fazed individuals have dropped in the idea of a ‘Mard March’ that brings to the forefront ‘issues’ perhaps for the mere purpose of belittling the oppression faced by women around the globe in different intensities.

However, the campaign has now started becoming the talk of town, thankfully for all the right reasons as the majority of netizens are calling out the individuals responding to the Aurat March with an appalling response such as this.

People are giving mixed reviews over this reaction by men. Some people think that this will further divide the men and women in society while others are supporting the march to highlight the issues of men.

The Aurat March was aimed at raising awareness about women issues and to shun patriarchy in the country.


Women held placards and posters carrying various ‘feminist’ slogans. These included slogans about consent, domestic abuse and discriminatory attitude towards women.

As the pictures of these posters went viral on social media, it got a mixed reaction.

Some people supported the slogans raised at Aurat march while others deemed them unnecessary.



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